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CoinFalcon Exchange Review 2018

CoinFalcon Exchange Review, and Analysis

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Unlike in recent times where Cryptocurrency trading has become a thing of absolute significance and a lot of people are getting in on the crypto wave in drove, in the past, Cryptocurrency trading was clearly considered to be a virtual reality gamble and only meant for those with a true understanding of the overall concept. Six years ago, the Cryptocurrency industry can only boast of about 5 well-recognized crypto exchanges, unlike now where the number of exchanges is totaling about 500 plus and the number is showing no sign of receding anytime soon.

The main reason for the establishment of so many exchanges apart from mere profitability is to further enhance and amplify the involvement of traders in crytocurrency and also to make the transactions transparent and secure.

As a result of this alone, we now have several Cryptocurrency exchange platforms, where traders can now invest their money in hope of a hefty return of investment. However, with so many cryptocurrency exchanges already in the market, it has become really difficult for investors to make a choice regarding the best exchange platform.

This is where we come in by making a well defined and informative review for our readers. In this article, we are going to be discussing and making a review for the exchange CoinFalcon.

What is CoinFalcon?

CoinFalcon is a London – based currency exchange platform. Although Coinfalcon is UK based exchange, it offers its services to clients from over 190 countries, excluding the USA. The platform does not provide trading solutions to citizens or resident of the United State of America, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Iran, which is quite disappointing for traders from these regions. It should be noted that the exchange also supports a German version.

The list of available cryptocurrency instrument product is quite short with just a little above 30 in number. The exchange makes sure to include all the top traded Cryptocurrency in terms of daily trading volumes and market cap, an example of such Cryptocurrencies includes; such as BitcoinEthereumLitecoinBitcoin CashIOTA, NEO, DASH etc.

The Exchange was founded in 2017, by Jordan Steeves who still acts as the CEO of the company. The exchange is one of the few exchanges that makes trading Cryptocurrency very convenient and accessible through its numerous trading platforms (mobile browsers, mobile apps, and desktop). Jordan Steeves made it clear that the exchange mission is to liberate users from the trap of government rules and regulations.

The ultimate attribute of CoinFalcon exchange is that it provides instant and real-time buying & selling of currencies. This is why; it seems preferable to investors, even more than other exchange platforms such as Poloniex or Bitfinex.

As an exception, Buying and selling of individual coins are quite common on this platform, but trading currency cross only against BTC and ETH is also very popular with the exchange since only 4 Cryptocurrency are being paired with the EUR Fiat currency symbol.

How to trade on CoinFalcon?

The buying or selling process on CoinFalcon is very simple. Follow these steps to trade on the exchange-

  1. Create an account on CoinFalcon and login
  2. Visit the ‘Dashboard’ and then click on the ‘Buy/Sell’ option.
  3. There is a drop-down menu where currencies are listed. This gives you an option to select your currency for exchange.
  4. After that, there is an option ‘Pay with’ shown in the drop-down menu where the available currency is exchanged for another cryptocurrency.
  5. Further, you need to click on the ‘Buy’ button to complete the transaction.

CoinFalcon fees

CoinFalcon charges a negligible fee for the transactions executed on its platform. However, the transactional fee structure is usually based on the type of action being performed by the trader and also the type of cryptocurrency in question. The fees charged for a withdrawal process through a Cryptocurrency is usually different or sometimes the same thing when it comes to funding (Depositing). CoinFalcon has also made sure to cap its maximum fee as 0.20% of the transaction amount. For example, the charges incurred by CoinFalcon for each currency are as follows-

Bitcoin No Fee Bitcoin 0.000080BTC
Ethereum No Fee Ethereum 0.006ETH
Litecoin No Fee Litecoin 0.0001LTC
Cardano No Fee Cardano 1.0 ADA
Nano No Fee Nano No Fee

* CoinFalcon has an exception; which is that, if any a sender sends his or her cryptocurrency to a wrong address. They can easily recover it by paying a service charge which is usually about 20 EUROS.

CoinFalcon verification

There is no complex and time-consuming documentation required. Instead, users are only asked to register via KYC or AML guidelines. Most times, a document that helps with the identification of your valid names and provided residential address verification are usually always what is needed. Although in most cases, these documents are required to be issued by a national or international governmental body, although the exchange can be flexible in some cases.

What makes CoinFalcon special?

  • Trading View Feature: CoinFalcon helps to easily connect traders directly to live market actions through its trade view features; this makes it possible for the broker to provide accurate real-time information of the market current trends and reading volumes. This makes it easy for traders to be able to make trading decisions based on the current happenings on the market charts, trading history, and online chatting room etc.
  • Instantaneous Trading: The traders can buy or sell on CoinFalcon in an instantaneous manner.
  • Referral program: The referral program is just another avenue for traders to make money through the introduction of people close to them, to the Coinfalcon exchange. Upon signing up a referrer, a trader is entitled to 50% of the trading fee incurred from such trader

CoinFalcon Pros

The advantages of using CoinFalcon as currency exchange platform is-

  • Flexible Trading Platform: CoinFalcon provides a very user-friendly and easy to navigate trading platform that can be used even by novice trader. It provides full-fledged flexibility to users in several aspects i.e. language, cost, and time. It gives them comfort and ease.
  • Versatile: There are plenty of options for depositing and withdrawing the money. Additionally, CoinFalcon lists several of the top Cryptocurrencies on its exchange platform, thus offering traders variety.
  • Security: On CoinFalcon, 98 percent of user’s funds are stored in offline wallets which prevent the risks of cyber-attacks. It is the major concern for investors and traders.
  • Minimum Fee: CoinFalcon charges a fee of 0.20 percent on the total transactional The exchange makes sure to make the fees chargeable on each trading transaction, visible before the trade is been placed. This is to further enact it’s no hidden fee policy
  • Accessibility: CoinFalcon is makes trading accessible through different platforms i.e. Desktops and Mobile Phones.
  • The Anonymity of the Transactions: The trader’s identity is anonymous on CoinFalcon platform. Traders are only required to provide their email and login information upon registration, with the exception of trader that want to make use of FIAT (EURO) bank transfer method using SEPA. Normally, traders just need to go through the login procedure and no need of submitting identity verification documents.

All these features of CoinFalcon make it a trust-worthy and up to standard exchange. As a matter of fact, the exchange is known to focus its attention greatly on maintaining the transparency and integrity of the platform. Overall, this platform seems 100% reliable and safe.

CoinFalcon Cons

There are few challenges which users face on CoinFalcon exchange platform

  • No Acceptance of Debit/Credit Cards and any other Fiat Currency apart from EURO:

Coinfalcon is well known for not accepting any other type of FIAT currency aside from EURO. The deposit and withdrawal of the FIAT currency are made available through the use of SEPA bank transfer available only to European traders. In order to make deposits or withdrawal through bank transfer using this method, you need to verify your account details through the Know Your Customer procedures.

  • Limited User Base: CoinFalcon has explicitly mentioned on the registration page that the client should not belong to the U.S Although the list of restricted countries is about 5 in numbers, the US market happens to be the biggest of them all.
  • No Leverage Trading is allowed: Unlike other top Cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinFalcon does not allow leveraged trading to its clients. Trades are being made with a leverage of 1:1, so you can only buy what your money can afford you to. It does not provide any leverage to its traders. Therefore, for short-term or swing traders, CoinFalcon doesn’t seem like an appropriate option.

Hopefully, CoinFalcon will update its regulations and accommodate clients from the USA and also include leverage trading. This will further help to cement the exchange stance as a top contender in the industry

Is CoinFalcon safe?

CoinFalcon has a robust security system which is mentioned on its home page that assures 98% security to user’s funds. However, there have been reviews given by users that it does not use two-factor authentication key for ensuring the safety of currency. Instead, cold, offline wallets are used for storage of funds. Ultimately, it gives users higher satisfaction as while using online wallets, they fear of malicious attacks or third-party service providers. On the other hand, offline wallets work as banks where the money is absolutely safe based on the popular notion.

How to use CoinFalcon?

The steps to be followed by individuals to use CoinFalcon are as follows-

  1. Go to the website and there is an option given for ‘SIGNUP’ at the bottom of the page.
  2. The user just needs to Sign Up with the valid email address and password.
  3. After entering the details, CoinFalcon asks you to open your given email ID and click on the given option ‘Confirmed Verification’ which will further take you back to CoinFalcon’s web page.
  4. Now the user can deposit the coins, buy or sell cryptocurrencies, in short, they can start trading.

In a Nutshell

Today, many exchange platforms have already been established such as BitfinexPoloniex, and Kraken etc. CoinFalcon is relatively new to the scene, but so far the exchange as differentiated itself through its provision of faster trading speed, beginner and user-friendly platform interface, superior customer care service and above all the exchange has not in any ways been associated with any scam operations. Conclusively, It can be stated that CoinFalcon is a good choice for people who are just starting out in the cryptocurrency industry and are in need of a soft landing.

Hope you enjoyed reading my CoinFalcon exchange review. Make sure to read our reviews on other exchange platforms!

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  1. jas Bas
    jas Bas May 14, 2018 at 12:01 am

    Coinfalcon is created by people from Falconcoin . they gone with 12 milion $

  2. Jordan Steeves
    Jordan Steeves May 31, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Thanks for the review! We have added Euro deposits and withdrawals via SEPA transfers and our UI has a fresh update!

    • Mark Schwarz
      Mark Schwarz May 31, 2018 at 4:03 pm

      Hey, Jordan. We’ll be sure to check it out and update the review, thanks.

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