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Cloudbet Casino Review 2018

Cloudbet Casino – Full Guide

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Usually, before people start investing their money into Bitcoin gambling, they wonder whether it is even safe to do so. This is because online bitcoin casinos happen to ask for a lot of personal information such as ID card copies, scanned utility bills, telephone numbers, and a lot more!

Inquiry of such information is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Moreover, since Bitcoin casinos are getting quite popular these days, they are no less than a gold mine for hackers, pirates, and con artists. This raises another question, “are bitcoin casinos safe to invest in?”

Truly, bitcoin gambling could never be a safe investment. The chances of one suffering from a loss are far greater when higher stakes are put, as compared to the chance of making a significant amount of profit. Though it is true that one might just manage to make several runs of small profits, in the long run, gambling is a risky thing to do! Nevertheless, let’s not forget the fact that one can never fully justify to a full extent whether the games on any online casino are provably fair or not.

So bitcoin gambling is not something that our team of investment experts would suggest. Nevertheless, it is certainly a good time killer only for as long as small stakes are involved that which do not rip you off of all your wealth in an instant.

What is Cloudbet?

The Cloudbet casino, also simply referred to as Cloudbet alone is a bitcoin casino platform which was established in 2013 by CB Holdings. Today, Cloudbet is known to have attracted a range of professional cryptocurrency gamblers from all over the globe, including the best ones in the industry.

It would not be wrong to say that Cloudbet casino has made a good name in the world of bitcoin gambling within a span of about 5 years. However, since 5 years is not a large time span, this casino is still somewhat new and inexperienced in the gambling industry.

The languages supported on Cloudbet casino include:

  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Turkish
  • Chinese
  • Korean

As of yet, Cloudbet is not accessible to users belonging to all countries. The countries that are somewhat restricted on the platform include:

  • USA
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

How Cloudbet works?

Since Cloudbet is a casino, it works on the principle of putting stakes and competing against other players. The player with the highest score takes away the money that was put on a stake.

As far as cheating is concerned, there is technically no way to cheat on this platform. Anyway, any kind of cheating attempts will get a user terminated immediately. As a result of this, the user is likely to lose all the funds that he/she had deposited on the website. Hence, Cloudbet is a safe haven for those who love to play legitimately and carry the true gambling spirit.

Before starting out on Cloudbet casino, you need to have a working email address and some spare bitcoin funds to deposit in the platform (Note: Cloudbet does not accept any currency other than bitcoins for deposits). Moreover, this platform will not ask you for any personal/private information in order for you to proceed. It just requires you to follow simple sign up procedures and a verification of your email address, followed by a deposit of your spare cloudbet bitcoin funds.

One trait that sets this casino apart from the rest of the bitcoin casinos is that it has a very sleek and polished website interface. This reflects reliability and professionalism. Moreover, the interface is simple enough even for those who carry no experience of gambling in online bitcoin casinos.

Their website carries a grey/black interface containing all the basic website functions that take you to various sections such as Live Casino, Casino, Live Sports, and Sports. At the bottom end, there are links to the Terms and Conditions, FAQ, License information, Rules, Support, and a mobile website option. In the top right corner, you can see links to login and sign up that will get you started.

Cloudbet mobile/tablet support

While Cloudbet casino does not offer separate applications for Android and IOS, it does offer support for mobile browsers in the form of a mobile casino. In other words, there is a separate interface designed for mobile browsers allowing mobile users to access the casino on the go.

In order to access the mobile casino, there is no additional requirement. A user would simply load the casino website on his/her mobile browser and the mobile interface will kick off automatically. Alternatively, users can click on ‘switch to mobile’ button that is available at the bottom of the website (in case the mobile interface does not load).

Cloudbet Games

Indeed, the type of games that are available on a Casino is what matters the most to many players. After all, most bitcoin gamblers are not there to make a living through gambling. Instead, all they want to have is a good time!

As far as the gaming software goes, there is no public information available. However, according to certain reports, their games come from software providers such as Playtech and Microgaming. Nevertheless, we do know that these games are based on HTML5 rather than Flash.

In total, the number of casino games included on this platform go up to 1000 belonging to different sections including video poker, bingo, keno, Cloudbet jackpots and instant win. As far as the visuals of these games are concerned, they are highly immersive with great graphics. Some popular table games in the Casino section include Single Deck, Draw Hi-Lo, Red Dog, and Black Jack.

Some of the most popular classic games in the Live Casino section include Keno, Lottery, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat. Do note that all games on this platform provide an option of ‘free try’ which allows you to try them out for free without putting anything on a stake.

As far as their live sports betting section goes, there is a wide range of games for betting which includes Martial Arts, Badminton, American football, Cycling, Boxing, Soccer, Cricket, Table tennis, Snooker, Cross Country, Ski, and a lot more.

While the games available on this platform are innumerable, we are not really sure whether they are provably fair or not. This is because no one can say with great certainty about what goes behind the algorithm of games in most of the online casinos. This is the prime reason why it is not a good reason to put high stakes in online Bitcoin gambling.

Cloudbet regulation

Officially, Cloudbet carries a license from E-Gambling Montenegro and the license number is Cloudbet is 133-01/15 5A I 1ERR. Moreover, their website makes use of 128-bit SSL encryption method which ensures a high level of security and safety from frauds and heists. Furthermore, the games on the casino are all RNG-tested and audited.

Cloudbet Deposits and withdrawals

Deposit Options

As far as the deposit options go, Bitcoin is the only deposit currency supported by this platform. We have broken down the limitations associated with deposits below:

  • Minimum Amount of Deposit: 0.001 BTC
  • Maximum Amount of Deposit: N/A
  • Processing Time for Deposits: Sometimes it is instantly done. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours to 21 hours.

Withdrawal Options

Similar to the deposits, the withdrawals from Cloudbet can also be made in the form of Bitcoin only. We have broken down the limitations associated with withdrawals below:

  • Minimum Amount for Withdrawal: 0.001 BTC
  • Maximum Amount for Withdrawal: N/A
  • Processing Time for Withdrawal: While the website says it happens instantly, the FAQ section suggests that it takes 24 hours for most withdrawals to get processed.

Cloudbet bonuses and promotions

Apart from usual prizes, Cloudbet also offers a one-time cloudbet bonus which is available to all new players that get registered on their platform. This welcome bonus goes up to 5 BTC with a match bonus of 100% on the first deposit.

In order to redeem the bonus, however, you do not need a special cloudbet bonus code. Instead, you will have to earn loyalty points on the platform. Every set of 800 loyalty points will allow you to unlock 0.01 of the BTC from the total available deposit bonus. So in case you have received a deposit bonus of 5 BTC, you will need 400000 loyalty points in order to unlock it all.

How to use Cloudbet?

  • To begin the process, you first need to register for an account. For signing up, you will have to provide an email address, password, and your date of birth. After that, you will have to undergo an email verification process which takes less than a minute.
  • Once your account is ready, you must deposit some bitcoins into your Cloudbet account to be eligible for bonus and gambling. Simply click on the deposit button in the upper right corner of the screen, and copy the address. This is the address to which you will send you bitcoins from within you e-wallet. Mobile users can make use of a QR code. Do note that you cannot make a deposit of lesser than 0.001 Bitcoins
  • In order to withdraw your funds, simply click on the withdraw options and put in the address of your Bitcoin wallet. Technically speaking, this is the address to which you will be sending your withdrawal funds. While the website says that withdrawals happen instantly, the truth is that withdrawals can take as much as 24 hours as suggested by their FAQ page.

Is Cloudbet safe?

  • Community trust

One must note that the Cloudbet platform has nowhere claimed its games to be provably fair. But since we know that bitcoin’s payment system is considered to be among the safest of all, users tend to assume that the Cloudbet platform is somewhat fair. The platform does carry the certification of RNG (Random Number Generator) along with an evaluation by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) so we can put our trust in its fairness to a good extent.

A number of people on the internet refer to this casino as the ‘Cloudbet Scam’. However, this is more or less a rumor. While Cloudbet is certainly not a scam, its reputation is still questionable considering the fact that the customer support is extremely slow and the platform sometimes performs poorly.

  • Security

The cloudbet casino requires a two-step verification process which all users need to follow. This simply raises the standards of security and safety quite high, making sure that there are no bots operating on the platform.

Moreover, the bitcoins that users deposit in the Cloudbet account are kept in a cold storage, along with hot wallet maintenance. The hot wallet maintenance refers to the online wallet on the platform where just enough Bitcoins are filled on a daily basis so as to carry out on-platform transactions. The platform makes use of 128-bit SSL encryption method which ensures a high level of security/safety on the platform.

The cold wallet, on the other hand, secures the bitcoins far away from the online portal, which prevents the risk of losing funds to hack attempts and heists. Hence, Cloudbet is supposedly quite safe as far as the security of funds goes.

  • Customer Support

In safety, there come factors such as customer support. This is because technically speaking, customer support affects the overall safety and reliability of a platform. Unfortunately, though, the customer support of Cloudbet casino is somewhat dodgy and seemingly unprofessional. Moreover, there are no modes of communication with the customer support team other than through the public email that is provided on their website.

Unlike many other bigger casinos, there is no live chat option or a telephone option. Hence in case you have a quick yet important query, you might have to wait for hours or even more than a day or two in order to get a single reply. Even though there is a support tab that does exist on the platform, it simply takes users to the FAQ page where only a limited number of questions are answered. Not having a live support would be a major drawback for any casino.

  • Handling speed

As far as the handling speed goes, the main page of Cloudbet casino platform claims that the withdrawals happen instantly. However, the FAQ page suggests otherwise. According to the FAQ page itself and user experiences, the withdrawals usually take about 24 hours to get fully processed.

It is not uncommon for casinos to make faulty claims. However, seeing one of the most popular casinos making false claims is rather unsettling.

Cloudbet Review Summary

The Cloudbet Casino is certainly one of the most popular and active casinos in the world of bitcoin gambling. Apart from a casino, this platform also offers a sports book which allows live sports betting.


  • An easy interface for beginners.
  • A wide selection of games.
  • A wide range of options for sports betting.
  • No maximum deposit limit.
  • High limits for betting – up to 5 BTC.
  • Provides a smooth mobile interface.


  • No deposit/withdrawal option other than Bitcoins.
  • No 24/7 customer support or live chat.
  • Offers just a one-time bonus on first deposit.

A number of users on the internet, however, claim Cloudbet to be a well-organized scam. According to these users, a number of games on this platform are not fully fair. However, claims like these can neither be fully accepted nor can they be fully denied.

One safe way for bitcoin gamblers would be to not restrict bitcoin gambling only for recreational since it is not remotely possible to make a living (or significant profits) through bitcoin gambling alone.

We hope to have provided you valuable information in this Cloudbet review. To learn more about bitcoin casinos, cryptocurrencies in general, and the current trends in the crypto world feel free to check out the other sections of our website!

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