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ClearCoin Review & Guide 2018

ClearCoin Coin Guide

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Let’s face it, Bitcoins have been a quite exciting topic all over the world. A revolutionary digital currency with an unknown background but a seemingly bright future and skyrocketing high prices. However, the tech-savvy people who truly believe in the blockchain technology and the positive changes it has brought were even a little disappointed by the fact that the public paid attention to the completely different part of the spotlight than expected. As of 2018, there have been thousands of companies and initiatives that tried to change the perception about cryptocurrencies from what the vast majority of the public hold completely falsely. ClearCoin, which appears to be decentralized application along with a digital environment, is also trying to make a change. In this article, we will try to understand what are its goals and objectives, how is it dong economic vice, how to get involved in it and much more.

What is ClearCoin?

ClearCoin is a platform that powers real-time media selling and buying on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment. According to their Whitepaper, its solution helps every person succeed in the advertising ecosystem that is currently valued at over 563 billion dollars. In the world today the Cryptocurrency economy keeps adding billions of dollars to market capitalization. Blockchain has gained acceptance as a distributed public ledger. Its lack of immutability helped prevent double spending, something which could have occurred easily. Since the mainstream has already adopted and will continue to utilize blockchain, new media opportunities have arisen.

The team behind ClearCoin is a group of experts and professionals from various fields such as IT, management, marketing, engineering, finance and so on.

ClearCoin working ecosystem is vast. With the supply chain valued at $563 billion thanks to the media and the advertising industry, ClearCoin is ripe for investment. It allows everyone to spread their ideas and aims at reducing advertising fraud and inaccuracies through a proof of History Ledger that is built on the blockchain.

What issues does ClearCoin try to solve?

The main issues that are primarily tackled by ClearCoin are concerning the digital advertising and especially its inefficiency, the lack of transparency, and the lost money that is reported to be around $ 16 billion aka the 20 % of the overall market. As a matter of fact, ClearCoin claims that it has found solutions for those problems.

By connecting the publishers and the advertisers and by tracking the whole set of transactions through the already mentioned proof – of – history that is built on the blockchain, it is capable to combat inaccuracies along with fraud. The main purpose of this advertising platform is keeping its operations globally and providing the key, format services such as content, television, video, audio, display as well as search. The company uses the technology for supporting other companies that are listed in the ecosystems, for instance, ad networks, brands, markets, agencies, platforms from the supply side, data providers and so on. In contrast to a number of other platforms the ClearCoin platform, it has a segment that is defined good enough and a precise target market. The main target market covers the companies that are suffering due to the digital advertising frauds.


  • The proof-of-history ledger creates transparency and eliminates frauds in form of ads.
  • The collected data is confidential, respected and is only used for the delivery of a content that is relevant.
  • The publishers who sell their ad spots get an ad revenue.
  • The system manages to detect the blacklisted and non-human actions.
  • Smart contacts allow the conduction of ad purchases in an efficient and a safe way.

Clearcoin interesting facts

  • Powers real-time buying and selling of media on the decentralized applications- Media is generated rapidly and provide different advertising segments. There is a need for advertisers to keep track of the content, hence the need for a quick value exchange platform like Clearcoin. The platforms for generating, media are wide, and companies need to target each one of them for successful advertisement campaigns.
  • ClearCoin’s Proof of History Ledger is built on Blockchain– This helps in the fight against advertising fraud and inaccuracies. The current non-block chain solutions companies are unable to track the impact of their advertising campaigns. The utility token ensures that companies can understand their advertising expenditure and impact. The technology leads to reduced losses in the advertising ecosystem.
  • The team is made of people that have enough expertise, experience, and qualifications in the industry. The company consists of team members who have made millions of dollars in advertising technology with significant clients like CocaCola, Exxon Mobile, and McDonald’s. The team members bring rich background and knowledge in the different fields relevant to digital advertising and technology.

Market Research

  • Advertising has demand globally and online bloggers, entertainers and brand influencers would need ClearCoin’s service.
  • The digital advertising ecosystem is continuously growing every day with more companies joining the digital advertising platforms. So far, the digital advertising ecosystem has not utilized the power of blockchain technology. Blockchain-based market networks will replace existing networks. Therefore, ClearCoin and its investors are set to benefit from this.
  • ClearCoin has joined the ecosystem as a payment protocol that will be used by advertisers to pay publishers of media. ClearCoin avails itself as the primary means of exchanging value in the advertising ecosystem. As a key payment protocol in advertising which has global demand, the protocol is viable and will continue to be profitable.

ClearCoin Team

  • Jay Singh

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Jay has over 14 years of experience in technology. He is an entrepreneur who started an ad tech company and raised millions for clients. He has also enjoyed investment from major Silicon Valley venture capitalists. He has also worked for large corporations like Coca-Cola and Pepsi in their digital advertising campaigns.

  • David Garrity

Position: Chief Strategy Office

David has over 25 years of experience in finance. He has been head of finance departments serving as a CFO as well as a board of Director for both public and private companies. David’s experiences span different sectors, including research, advisory, and operations. He has been a CEO of GVA Research and currently serves as a director for BTCS Inc., a company that deals with digital assets and blockchain technology development and application.

  • Tammy Leigh Kahn

Position: COO Chief Operating Officer

Tammy is the Chief Operating Officer for ClearCoin. She is in charge of market strategy and streamlining operations. Her experience spans over 15 years in digital marketing, business development, and e-commerce. She has also taken various leadership roles in technology companies. Currently, Tammy is the Vice President in charge of Market Development at G2 Crowd which has a backing of 45 million dollars.

ClearCoin Partnerships

ClearCoin has Eclii Ventures as their partners and advisors For Aid with Global Strategy -assisting with instructional and global strategy. Members of Eclii Ventures were early buyers in the token sale, and they have continued to support the company and its rapid growth. Key members of Eclii Ventures who work with ClearCoin include Jack Trama, Bernie Burns, and Richard Gora. The organization has worked with a variety of cryptocurrency companies including mining companies and token sale companies.

Business model

ClearCoin is a payment protocol to be utilized by advertisers to make payments directly to publishers. The clearcoin applies itself as the sole means of the value exchange in the advertising ecosystem. The platform will charge a 10% fee for each transaction. The charge ensures that the company is profitable and worthy of your investment. Built on Ethereum blockchain, their tokens comply with ERC20 standards.

ClearCoin Potential/Use Cases

  • Used by advertisers and publishers in the advertising ecosystem.
  • Nowadays, the prime focus is on digital forms of advertising as opposed to traditional methods.
  • Reportedly, as much as 20% of the total revenue accrued from this business is lost through fraud.
  • As Blockchain, the technology can solve other supply chain problems such as the $20 billion advertising fraud problem in the media and advertising market.

The ClearCoin Coin (CLR)

ClearCoin (CLR) is a utility token built on the Ethereum technology platform with the ERC20 token standard. ClearCoin can be used in its advertising technology product. During the token sale, the token was sold to the public for between $0.01 and $0.10. After that, the price of the token is determined by the market demand. With the Token, advertising players can easily execute media buys. The ClearCoin coin that is usually referred to as CLR is primarily used for executing transactions within the platform as well as for supporting different ecosystem members such as publishers or advertisers. Even though the inventory tracking of ClearCoin is built on HyperLedger, the ClearCoin token itself is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Please note that the tokens are not minable and can be issued only by ClearCoin itself. The tokens are widely accepted as a form of payment on the ClearCoin ad platform. However, other than ClearCoin being a mean of payment it also works as a power source for the distributed ledger. This way the company hopes to make the supply chain of the advertisement industry quickly growing media a better one.

ClearCoin Supply

The total supply of the ClearCoin crypto is one billion. The 80% of the CLR tokens aka the 800 million tokens were used for the token sale. The other 20% aka the 200 million tokens have been reserved for further development along with compensations for the project developers.  The proceeds of the ClearCoin are going to be distributed as follows:

  • Engineering and product 70%
  • Marketing and sales 20%
  • Operating and administrative 10%

ClearCoin ICO

The ClearCoin ICO took place from the 18th of November, 2017 and it has been completed on the 31st of March, 2018. The initial fundraising goal of the ICO was $ 8 million, however, the company has raised $ 6 million. During the token sale, the company has been selling its ClearCoin utility tokens that are designed for being used within the ClearCoin platform. The price of the CLR tokens started from $ 0.01 and kept increasing every other 3 days. As the ClearCoin tokens are an ERC20 type of tokens, those did not create any issues in the process of storing the tokens.

ClearCoin Price Growth

The ClearCoin tokens have started at the price of $0.01 and had an escalation within a fixed period of time that was every other 3 days. After the escalation, the price suddenly started decreasing and became as low as $ 0.002, as of the 10th of April 2018. Later on, there were some volatilities in the price as it kept going up and down (however not very much). On the 12th of April, 2018, the price of the CLR tokens has reached back to its initial $ 0.01 price and as a result, the market cap has reached up to $ 8,113,600. Later on, as of the 16th of April, 2018, the price of the CLR tokens went as high as $ 0.02 and the market cap has reached up to $ 17,160,000. However, the price of the tokens has decreased since then and as of the 22nd of April, 2018, the price of the tokens is $ 0.0123 and the market capitalization is $ 9,897,040.

How to buy ClearCoin?

ClearCoin tokens appear to be the ERC20 type of tokens, which means that they are supported with various ERC20 compatible cryptocurrency wallets. Please note that cryptocurrency wallets play an essential role as they are the main responsible part when it comes to the security of tokens.

When you get registered on the ClearCoin platform you automatically get assigned with an address of an ERC20 wallet. You can find the address on your dashboard and this is where all the purchased tokens are going to be sent to. The company is currently working on a feature that enables the users to send the CLR tokens to different wallets that are ERC20 compatible wallets.

The company is primarily concentrating on ERC20 compatible wallets such as imToken (a mobile wallet for iOS and Android devices), Mist (a desktop wallet), Parity (a desktop wallet), MetaMask (browser add-on, compatible with Chrome and Firefox), MyEtherWallet (online wallet that does not require users to download).

After you get an appropriate wallet you are ready to buy ClearCoin tokens. To make sure you have a full liberty to buy CLR tokens you should have cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, however, in some cases you may be able to buy CLR even with fiat currencies. Here are the websites that list CLR tokens along with the trading pairs they offer:

After completing your purchase please make sure to store your tokens safely on the ClearCoin wallet you have initially got. Avoid sharing your private keys with anyone as that way you may become vulnerable to hacks and thefts.

To Sum It Up

ClearCoin is doing its best to stay as competitive and as helpful for its users as possible. In the world of cryptocurrencies where the number of the tokens is getting close to 1,500s, every single one of those has to work hard to keep its position.

We hope this article helped you to get a better idea of ClearCoin both as a company and a token. Make sure to check out our website to stay updated with different crypto news. 

Thank you for reading!

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