ChainLink is a software that allows smart contracts on Ethereum network to interact with different payment solutions, data providers, and traditional banking systems. basically ChainLink harnesses Blockchain tech to create trustless agreements and logical interface. This is achieved by the creation of large pool premade oracles which will provide easy accessibility of all off-chain resources and improve the ability to mimic 90% of the financial agreements.

The ICO Team

Sergey Nazarov


Veteran of the Blockchain field.He joined cryptocurrency in 2011. Founder of Secure Asset Exchange. His main aim is to transform wealth distribution and enforce contracts through chainlink.

Steve Ellis


Initially Steve was a software engineer at Pivotal Labs. He worked on securing sensitive HIPAA complaint data and building scalable payment automation software.

Evan Cheng

Technical Advisor

The creator of LLVM, which is used in Apple, Google, and Intel. Evan Cheng was added in ChainLink as a technical advisor. He is also currently the Facebook’s Director of Engineering. His key role among a team of 5 technical advisors is to secure lower level machine codes.

Market Research


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Coin Supply/Purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Trading Rumors


ChainLink is conceptually a decentralized Oracle Network, it links and provides access to key off-chain services and smart contracts like data feeds and APIs to the real world data, bank payments and world events.

ChainLink Network is a decentralized combination of ChainLink Nodes which provide usability of particular data feeds, payment capabilities and APIs to a directly smart contract.

Anyone who has a data feed or any API can provide them directly to smart contracts in exchange for LINK tokens.