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CampBX Exchange Review 2018

CampBX Review

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CampBX is a platform for Bitcoin currency trading as well as the Bitcoin currency exchange.  The platform enables you to use advanced order-matching algorithms to sell and buy Bitcoin for US Dollars. It is important to point out that the transactions on this platform take place in real time due to the advanced nature of its algorithms.

CampBX has a database of orders that are normally matched by any sell or buy order.  There is always an instant execution of a Bitcoin to USD exchange when a perfect match has been identified. The orders can remain active for a maximum of 31 days in instances where there are no matching orders. Camp BX does not counterparty to any transaction and this guarantees a fair platform for traders.

The company has a policy of non-involvement in order to maintain fairness.  In order to guarantee security and stability of the platform, CampBX was the first website to get the McAfee Secure seal of confidence and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification. In addition, the platform is a pioneer when it comes to advanced features such as Short-selling and Margin Trading.

CampBX has plans to introduce more innovative features in order to improve the user experience. This article provides a detailed CampBX review for current and prospect traders. The review will be able to answer important questions about the platform including;

  • Is CampBX Legit?
  • Is CampBX Safe?
  • Can I trust CampBX?

What is CampBX?

CampBX is a regular trading platform that allows users to sell or buy Bitcoin for US Dollars. The company is located in Atlanta, USA. CampBX began its operations on July 5th, 2011 after the end of the testnet phase that began on June 21st, 2011. The supported countries for this platform include the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. CampBX has limitations when it comes to selling and buying where the daily transfer limit is $1,000 for both withdrawal and deposit. Users are only allowed to a daily withdrawal limit of 500 Bitcoins

The buying payment methods for CampBX include the USPS Postal Money Order, International Bank Transfer, Domestic wire Transfer, and Direct Deposit. The selling payment methods include; International Wire Transfer, domestic wire transfer, and ACH withdrawal. Bitcoin is the only available cryptocurrency for this platform. The platform has a two-factor authentication to guarantee the security of all transactions. In addition, the CampBX has McAfee Secure seal of confidence and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification

CampBX Fees

CampBX users do not pay any fees when it comes to withdrawing Bitcoins. However, the platform has a 0.55% default fees that tends to reduce retroactively depending on whether one is high volume user or a low volume user. In this case, high volume users pay lower amounts as compared to low volume users

CampBX special features

The platform has some special features such as; SMS (Tex Message) Notifications, Stoploss /Custom Order Expiry Date/Time, CBX Instant Bitcoin Transfers Feature, Wallet API, AND Advanced trading options with AON/ FOK/Market


  • Community trust

The platform continues to enjoy community trust due to its advanced security features that guarantee the security of user funds. However, the website does not stipulate how the default fees reduce with high volume trading.

This is an issue that makes the Bitcoin community to have doubts about its reliability. The fact that the platform’s withdrawal feature is always on and off tends to increase Bitcoin price when it comes to withdrawal. Such instances reduce community trust.

  • Security- encryption, HTTPS, how they keep themselves safe?

As mentioned earlier, the platform has one of the best security features in the BTC market. The digital wallets through which the transactions take place have security encryption and that is why the platform rarely reports instances of fraud.  The fact that CampBX McAfee has the Secure seal of confidence and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification means that it is very secure.

  • Customer Support

CampBX has customer support like other platforms where users ask questions and give their ideas about the platform’s services. CampBX has a helpdesk and an FAQ section that provides common questions.

Users send tickets with their different complaints and receive answers from the support team. However, there have been some complaints from users who claim that they never receive answers to some of their tickets.

  • Handling speed

The platform is not in a position to handle high speed, and that is why it has limited margin trading functionality.

How to use CAMPBX?

When a user wants to place a buy order by depositing funds with the exchange, the following are some important guidelines;

  • Users have to sign up for a CampBX before they can transact any business
  • There are no fees for adding Bitcoin to the account
  • The platform has a database of orders that have to match a sell buy order placed by the user
  • An instant Bitcoin-to-USD trade takes place once there has been a perfect match
  • The placed order can remain pending on the platform for a maximum of 31 days until there is a matching order that meets the set price
  • The platform offers both limit orders and the market orders
  • Casual Bitcoin users can enjoy quick trading on the platform

CampBX Review Summary

CampBX was among the first Bitcoin exchanges and Bitcoin currency trading platforms in the market.  The platform makes it possible for users to sell or buy Bitcoin for US Dollars. CampBX has technologically good features with a well-designed layout.

There are no fees for depositing Bitcoin on the CampBX account, but there is a default fee of 0.55% that tends to reduce with high volume.

Some of the platform’s pros include;

  • Advanced trading options
  • Security certification
  • Zero charges for withdrawing Bitcoin
  • Advanced order-matching algorithms

CampBX has a number of cons and some of them include;

  • Lack of transparency in the fees structure
  • Regular challenges with the withdrawals feature
  • Too low trading volume

CampBX is good for both beginners and high rollers considering the fact that it has a variety of trading features.

Thank you for reading this review. Make sure to check out our website and learn more about the crypto world.

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