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Important Facts

  • BUBBLETONE aims to develop a decentralized telecom ecosystem that enables mobile network users and service providers to interact directly.
  • Bubbletone team is a motivated team of experts with a goal of ensuring Blockchain global adoption, especially in the mobile network ecosystem.
  • Bubbletone’s UMT – these are utility tokens that offer revenue streams to participants.
  • Proof of Importance (POI). – This is a consensus structure that helps in processing a certain transaction by empowering a particular amount of currency.

Social Media:

The ICO Team

Yury Morozov

CEO/Founder- Yury has been in the telecom industry for over 20 years. He is the founder of 4 active telecom companies with annual revenue of $50M. He has a vast experience in mobile network operations, blockchain deployment, and global business development. The Russian Federation national studied at Second Medical University of Moscow

Stephan Gershuni

Blockchain expert, co-founder – Stephan has incredible expertise in blockchain operations. He studied finance at Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics and business administration at Hult International Business School. He joined Bubbletone with an aim of introducing blockchain to the network providers and telecom ecosystem

Yury Vasilchikov

Blockchain consultant – Yury has a profound experience on blockchain operations; he is the company’s blockchain consultant and smart contracts developer

Market Research

  • The product has potential to have increased demand because it does not involve complex network integrations.
  • The bubbletone messenger app might increase demand for the product due to its amazing features.
  • The products target all mobile operators and service providers.
  • Target more than 80 countries which are already enjoying local tariffs with global mobile data exchange.
  • There are no restrictions in the market; both local and global market is a target.
  • No competitor. This product is unique to the company as it involves blockchain applications.


  • Bubbletone messenger- messaging platform packed with incredible communication features.
  • Smart contracts, in mobile operators and interactions.
  • Universal Mobile Tokens (UMT)

Business Model

  • Implement millions of smart contracts into mobile operators.
  • Create revenue stream to crypto-holders by earning Universal Mobile Tokens (UMT) on smart contracts processing.
  • Implement extra revenue from Network Development Fund.
  • Multiply annual growth of transactions by 10 times.


  • All members have credible social accounts on LinkedIn.

Trading Rumors

  • If the money collected in the ICO trading is approximately 100 million USD it will enable Bubbletone to register a global mobile profile.
  • The pre-ico sale is ongoing with a 68% bonus and a minimum of 100,000 USD.

Potential/Use Cases

To Bubble tone users

  • Bubbletone will enable people to make calls and roam at any location worldwide and incur cheaper local rates.
  • With Bubbletone you are not required to switch your number or SIM card. You are supposed to use your present number and SIM card.
  • You are offered an amazing bubbletone messaging app. with 100+ features. Such as crypto and fiat transfers with the system, audio, video, conference calls and picture messaging etc.

Use cases to mobile operators and network providers.

  • Offering a chance to any operator to switch to a global network without entangled network combinations regardless of the location.
  • Users will directly access global markets hence maximizing profits.
  • Increment in revenue due to value-added services.


  • Start date – 24 October 2017
  • End date – 20th January 2018
  • Token price – 0.42$/UMT
  • Pre-sale – Soft cap : 10,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD
  • Token sale – 420,000,000 UMT
  • Bonus – Special early-bird price of 0.5 USD/ token and 31.5% current bonus.
  • Accepted currencies – Ethereum, Bitcoin, DASH, fiat.

Coin Supply/Purpose

  • Total token supply – 1 billion.
  • Token status – growing.
  • Token stored in – MyEtherWallet.
  • Token s bought on – Ethereum platform.
  • Rights provided by UMT token –when individuals and mobile network operators purchase the tokens they are able to access a great revenue stream after setting their own nodes as crypto holders.
  • Benefits to the investor –revenue stream, eliminate roaming charges.
  • Time value of token – not specif

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Wallets- ERC20 compatible wallets such as,

  • MyEtherwallet


  • UMT will be listed on exchanges later this year


What are the advantages of Bubbletone messenger?

To mobile operators: low cost and less effort at the global status, increased revenue generation through the value-added services, mobile operators will experience a large number of audience as potential subscribers due to the movement of people. To service providers: there will be low marketing and operations cost, a large number of potential clients will be reached. To Subscribers – subscribers will be able to make calls and use data freely while traveling to any location in the world at low local rates. There is no need to change your SIM card or phone number, subscribers will experience amazing features on the Bubbletone messenger.

What are your future aspirations as Bubbletone after the ICO sales?

After the ICO sale, the amount collected will determine their next step. If they manage to collect approximately 50 million USD, they will develop and provide an opportunity for online service providers globally to sell the services to mobile subscribers all over the world. If the amount collected will be around 100 million USD they will be able to register a global mobile profile and maybe replace SIM cards with chipsets.

What is the purpose of blockchain in telecom?

Blockchain is the game changer. It provides the ability of mobile operators to connect and communicate effectively through smart contracts. In doing so they eliminate the expensive and slow traditional methods of mobile operator’s interaction and provide a swift and less expensive method network operators can interact effectively within no time. In addition, the subscribers are given a chance to enjoy global services at local rates.

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