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BlockFollow ICO Review

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What is BlockFollow?

BlockFollow is a social platform that seeks to unravel barricades that have slowed down the progress of cryptocurrency. This project has embraced diverse missing ingredients by providing educative features, requisite financial services, and immovable cryptocurrency to create a crypto community and its framework.

This scheme is a brand new social service that will take the cryptocurrency to the next level by providing a flawless and authentic trading experience with community selected trading pairs and with the most propitious projects. Not only this, but it will also offer fast, instant, and cost less business between subscribers. The system is developed to handle myriad portfolios in real time, and customers can earn rewards by socializing and helping the community.

The platform will be launched on Ethereum, one of the blockchain platforms that are fully compliant and has been in operation since 2015. Developed on a proven Ethereum infrastructure, BlockFollow ICO will offer a valid entry to blockchain technology enthusiasts with a large database of information to available in all languages, so everyone can find answers they are looking for. When it comes to crypto, BFN is an all-in-one project that has a mission to make crypto understandable and accessible to everyone.

All these features will propel BlockFollow goals of enabling traders to know other perspectives, providing a reliable trading exchange, instant and costless transactions to become the best crypto platform in the Middle East by 2019.

BlockFollow Main Features

  • Fast and Reliable Services– Deposit approvals, delays in new registrations have rocked the existing platforms, but BlockFollow aims to offer quick approval to new clients who subscribe to the system plus faster disbursement of customer withdrawal. In other words, it aims to cut fees and time down radically.
  • Fully Transparent and Compliant– BlockFollow is committed to complying with all rules and regulations that govern cryptocurrency operation. This includes complying with know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures which is an important step to ensure the ICO is legal.
  • Blockchain additional services– BlockFollow seeks to develop a software that will make crypto understandable and accessible for everyone. The software will convert the chosen cryptocurrency into BFN tokens then wire the money to the chosen wallet.
  • Highly Secure– Since the parent system Ethereum, the scheme which uses smart contracts to facilitate, verify and implement all transactions carried on the platform. These smart contracts will be executed on Ethereum blockchain. Thus all businesses carried out on the platform will safe and secure with the quality level of transparency.

BlockFollow Communication Channels

BlockFollow ICO Team

Dan is the CEO of BlockFollow ICO, a position he has held for 6 months now. He has vast experience in IT industry and has special skills in software design, computer security, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Network security, Python, PHP, C, and Unity3D. Prio to his latest post, Dan worked at Sigma Technology Group as a Technical Writer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in IT engineering from Obuda University.

Roland is a candidate at Boston Bentley University. He holds a Bachelor in Business and Financial Management from Corvinus Business School, and also he graduated in Accounting and Finance from Bentley University. Roland has special skills in Creative Problem Solving, Team Leadership, and Teamwork.

Zoltan is the CEO of STRATAK Consulting Tanacsado kft where he has worked for four months. He also works at FHB Kereskedelmi Bank Zrt as the Head of Commercial Division and also he is the Head of Commercial Sales at Budapest Bank, GE Capital. Zoltan holds a Master of Science in Finance and Financial Management Services.

Tomasz is a highly skilled developer having worked in different domains and technologies in software development. He has previously worked at Espeo Software as a Senior Developer for 2 years and also has worked at Dark Stork Studios as a Backend Developer. Tomasz has also worked at PayU as a Java Developer and as a Research Programmer at Poznan University of Technology. He worked as a Software Analyst at Gras Savoye Poland for three months and as a Software Engineer at Alliance Technology Polska as well as an Analyst at Poznan University of Technology.

Tomasz holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Data Processing Technologies & A+, and he has a Bachelor of Science Engineering in Computer Science, A+.

ICO Scam Check

In an attempt to verify the legitimacy of BlockFollow ICO, we explored the website for any signs of a scam. We also searched for online testimonials from users and ICO experts who have experience in similar ventures. Our discoveries showed no red flags which proved the project is a legit scheme. Ethereum which is powering BlockFollow ICO has a positive reputation in the cryptocurrency community since it was initiated in 2015. In addition, BlockFollow has three companies working on the project, a Polish, and Hungarian team and another one from the United Arab Emirates. We concluded that venture is authentic and investors can invest their assets.

BlockFollow token Sale

The maximum supply of BlockFollow ICO (BFN) token is set at 210,000,000 out of which 120,000,000 BN tokens will be available during the token sale. The price for one token is currently set at 1 BFN = 0.00018 ETH which is pretty affordable.

ICO Business Model

BlockFollow has several ways in which it will generate revenue. The first avenue of generating revenue will be through charging a small fee for all the transactions carried on the platform. These transactions include currency exchange and trading, deposit and withdrawal of digital currencies.

A small percent of the fee will also be charged from all digital assets lent from its centralized lending inventory.

Potential/Use Cases

What makes BFN project special is the fact that the platform has advanced analytical tools which has two versions- the basic level and pro version. The basic version satisfies the needs of regular users while the pro version is equipped with the industry-leading analytical tools that will serve institutional investor’s need. Users can also share their portfolios with followers, and the scheme is planning to implement a new coin exchange.

All these are extra features in addition to the secure payment, fast and free transactions, and keeping track of transactions to see the big picture. The BlockFollow will be available in the form of user-friendly mobile application, desktop application and web platform that can be accessed through a browser.


The minimum viable product is a platform with capabilities offering cryptocurrencies exchange. The minimum viable product is scheduled to be available by the end of July 2019.

Capitalization Potential

The goal of BlockFollow ICO is to raise 15,000,000 US Dollars by selling 210,000,000 BFN tokens during the token sale. Considering the huge market in Europe which is the primary target of the ICO and the fact that the token is set at a pocket-friendly rate of 1 BFN = 0.00018 ETH, one can conclude that the ICO has huge capitalization potential.

The European cryptocurrency ecosystem is well stocked with diverse ICOs that have been successful in the recent past. One such ICO is the Globitex ICO which was able to raise a staggering 123,000,000 US Dollars during its ICO campaign. Considering BlockFollow ICO target amount is slightly high in addition to the reputation that Ethereum has plus its features, one can predict that the ICO has a huge capitalization potential.

Market Research

The BlockFollow exchange platform currently targets cryptocurrency investors from the United Arab Emirates and Europe. The demand for various digital assets has continued to rise, but existing exchange systems are flawed with terrible services, high fees, downtime when the volatility is high, and price manipulation. BFN is committed to overcoming these shortcomings by providing fast and accurate reports by the power of the community, providing a seamless and reliable trading experience, coming up with promising projects that will fuel it to become the most preferred crypto exchange platform in the region.

BlockFollow Coin Supply and Purpose

The BlockFollow coin (BFN) is an ERC20 token. The total coin supply is set at 210,000,000 BFN out of which 120,000,000 will be available in the token sale. At the end of the ICO sale, the remaining tokens will not be sold rather 25% of the remaining will be distributed to investors and 75% will be burned.

The ICO has a fundraising goal of 15,000,000 UD Dollars. After the conclusion of the ICO, the BFN tokens will be available for trading on BlockFollow platform that is scheduled to be launched by the end of July 2019.

The native currency that will be used to power BlockFollow exchange will be BFN tokens. This will include trading, making crypto payments on the platform, and lending of crypto loans. BFN token holder who will lock 25,000 BFN will receive a cut from the platform income. BlockFolow is developed using ERC20 technology and smart contracts making it secure as the demand and number of transactions grow.

Compatible wallets and exchanges

As at now, the BFN token will be listed on BlockFollow exchange after the ICO is terminated. Since BFN token is an ERC20 token, it can be stored in any of the ERC20 compatible wallets. MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, and Ledger Nano S are notable examples of these wallets.

BlockFollow ICO Review Summary

BlockFollow has a low supply and even lower (max 120,000,000 tokens if everything gets sold) circulation that could indicate a big price rise, especially if people start to lock up 25k token to gain their profits. The ICO roadmap is well structured that is poised to transform the cryptocurrency market in the Middle East and Europe.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our BlockFollow ICO review. Kindly visit our website for more insightful content on cryptocurrency and related topics. Thank you.

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