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BitLox Hardware Wallet Review 2018

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  1. What is BitLox?
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  3. Is BitLox safe?
  4. Special features of BitLox
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BitLox Review- Is it safe enough?

The popular use of cryptocurrencies led to the creation of storage wallets. These wallets came in different forms, but the most secure wallets created for storing cryptocurrencies were hardware wallets. BitLox is arguably one of the least popular hardware wallets. It offers privacy and various security options. So let us take a look at what Bitlox is all about in this review.

What is BitLox?

BitLox is a bitcoin hardware wallet developed with the aim of providing better security features than what most hardware wallet generally provide.

Launched by the developers of, this hardware wallet is perfectly enclosed in titanium and aerospace grade alloys. This wallet contains a perfect blend of high-end security features and plush models. is a Hong-Kong based startup firm offering products and services for digital currencies and finance. It was registered in January 2015 to a Ms. Dana Coe who apparently lives in Hong Kong, China.

BitLox is available in 3 different models, and each is priced differently. These models include:

  • BitLox Advanced: This wallet is covered in special aerospace grade alloy and allows the users to store up to 100 wallets and each wallet can hold an countless of addresses. The price tag for this wallet is $199 (now it’s on sale for $98)and it comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Bitlox Ultimate: If you want a highly durable and indestructible lavish looking wallet for your cryptocurrencies, you can opt for BitLox Ultimate, which is made up of titanium. The Bitlox Ultimate model is going for $299 (now it’s on sale for $148) and it has the capacity to store up to 100 wallets while hiding 50 of them. it also comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • BitLox Extreme: If money is not a problem, then consider purchasing the high end, extremely secure and powerful BitLox Extreme wallet. This wallet provides a high-level of privacy and military-grade protection. Available at a whopping price of $399 (now it’s on sale for $198), the wallet comes with a 5-year warranty.

Coins supported by BitLox:

BitLox is a dedicated bitcoin hardwallet and only supports Bitcoin. They claim to provide altcoins and ethereum support soon.

Supported apps:

BitLox is supported on Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac OS and Android. There is also a chrome extension, which you can download and connect to Bitlox through a USB connection.

What comes with BitLox?

All the BitLox wallets comes with a USB cable, a desktop USB cable, a manual, leather case and stylish shiny box.

Special features of BitLox

  • The wallet is 4mm thick and only weighs 25g.
  • The transaction fees is internally created and displayed. There are no hidden charges.
  • It supports backups and recovery using 12, 18 or 24 word passphrase.
  • Each and every wallet is encrypted using PIN.
  • The wallet can be charged easily with USB.
  • High profile E-paper display for QR code scanning.
  • Different levels of PIN protection for your device, wallet and transactions.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Indestructible weatherproof and shockproof metal case.
  • Hidden wallets feature.

Is BITLOX safe?

BitLox is one of the mostly highly secure and reliable hardware wallets. From multiple PIN input to high-level encryption, it employs high security measures to ensure user funds are safe.

  • Community trust

Though is not one of the finest digital currency services in the world, it has managed to earn a good reputation. Due to its advanced security features and state-of-the-art models, it has managed to impress a lot of people while gaining more fans.

  • Security

BitLox is BIP32 and BIP 39 compliant, which makes it one of the most secure wallets in the crypto sphere. When the wallet is in hidden mode, it offers PIN and quad password protection for enhanced security. The users can use the wallet in standard, advanced or expert mode, each of which has different security features.

  • Customer support

You can reach the BitLox support team via email or phone. On their website, you can find the FAQ page, which provides details on how to use the wallet.

The support team usually responses within 72 hours.

  • Coins backup- does it backup your coins in case of lose or breakage?

BitLox encourages users to back up their wallets in case their devices get lost or damaged. To do this, users need to create a 12/18/24 word mnemonic through which users can recover all the coins with a new wallet.

  • Ease of use- how easy it is to use the wallet?

For beginners, the BitLox platform is not really user-friendly. The wallet can be used in different modes like standard, advanced and expert modes that offer different features, which can be abit confusing.

It is advisable to set your wallet in standard mode, if you are using it for the first time. Then switch to advanced and extreme mode after you are well-versed with the features and how they work.

How to use BitLox?

  1. Plug the USB to your PC or laptop to charge the wallet.
  2. Set the Device PIN and choose the mode you want to use, that is, standard, advanced or expert mode.
  3. The device will be formatted automatically.
  4. Enter your wallet PIN
  5. Enter the mnemonic code
  6. Connect your wallet using a USB connection or a Bluetooth connection.
  7. When the QR code appears, it will show the first address generated on the wallet.
  8. To send a bitcoin, you can scan the QR code or paste the address.

BitLox Review Summary

Who should use BitLox?

Though BitLox has standard and advanced features, which users can use without too much hussle, it can be complicated for beginners. Due to complex navigation and features, users may find it challenging at the beginning.

Should people really invest in this wallet?

Let’s check by looking at the benefits of this wallet.

If you are a bitcoin trader or enthusiast and you intend to use bitcoins for different purposes, this is the wallet for you. It is an ultra-modern wallet offering privacy and various security options for making bitcoin transactions. It is important to find a trusted source for storing your Bitcoins and other digital assets. BitLox provides the superior security features along with a backup PIN and recovery passphrase.

Once you get started with BitLox, you will find it’s not hard to use the different/advanced features of the wallet. The private keys are never exposed, the wallet allows only transactions after confirmation. The wallet is encrypted with PIN for better security.


  • It is a highly secure, private and reliable hardware wallet.
  • It offers backup and recovery in case your device is damaged or lost.
  • It also comes with a highly impressive and stylish packaging.
  • Through multiple PINs, it validates and authenticates users before they can perform transactions.
  • It is an indestructible wallet, which comes with titanium or aerospace casing.
  • There are no hidden charges for transactions.
  • The wallet is portable and has a super sleek design.
  • It allows users to use the standard and advanced features easily.


  • BitLox is not for you if you are not willing to pay so much for a wallet. Due to its luxurious composition, it’s highly priced.
  • The customer support is not so reliable.
  • It not user-friendly and can be challenging for first-timers.
  • There are other hardware wallets with better, slicker design. Like CoolWallet and Trezor.

Thank you for reading our BitLox review. If you are interested in reading some more reviews, visit our site and give us the chance to help you!

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  1. AxSC
    AxSC July 25, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    Hmm personally i like the function of the wallet. They actually support Litecoin & Dash on their mobile platform (iOS) and not sure about Android. But it seems like the hardware wallet and pc platform only support Bitcoin

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