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You’ve probably heard of bitcoin being talked about in various financial discussions, or you may have seen articles about it or stumbled upon online advertisements soliciting bitcoins. Either way, Bitcoin is one of the numerous cryptocurrencies that have become a global phenomenon in the present financial industry due to the powerful cryptography technology they use that makes them impossible to counterfeit.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has led to the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges which are platforms that facilitate the swapping of one digital currency for another or fiat money. This exchange takes place in an open market where the prices of the cryptocurrencies are determined depending on their demand and supply.

What is is a web-based Bitcoin marketplace that enables its users to buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for fiat money. Users of the platform can post their buy/sell offers, and the platform will connect them to potential buyers or sellers on the platform. The platform offers four different marketplaces each with a different trading pair which include BTC/EUR, BCH/EUR, BTG/EUR and ETH/EUR. also provides a price widget and an API that can be accessed using an API key. This allows external programs to access data from the website.

The platform is owned by the Bitcoin Deutschland AG company which is based in Germany. The company is associated with the FIDOR bank based in Germany.

The platform is mainly supported in European countries with supported languages including German, French, English, Italian, and Spanish. The platform is also supported in other countries which include Japan, Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, South Africa and Canada.

Bitcoin de was founded in 2013 and has grown ever since to become the leading Bitcoin marketplace in Europe today. supported Cryptocurrencies

The platform currently supports buying and selling of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin gold (BTG), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ether (ETH). All the cryptocurrencies supported are traded against the Euro (EUR) only. has a minimum transaction amount of 60 Euros and a maximum purchase price of 25,000 Euros in a transaction. does not support exchange between different cryptocurrencies.

The platform only allows their users to purchase supported cryptocurrencies from a seller or sell cryptocurrencies to another user in exchange for Euros. To begin trading on the platform, the user has to link his/her bank account to their account. However, users do not have to deposit money directly into their account. Instead, they can transfer money directly to the bank account of the seller. in collaboration with Fidor bank enables users with their Fidor bank account linked to their account to enjoy instant Bitcoin exchange offered by the Express trading feature in the platform. acts as a marketplace for buyers and sellers hence there is no standard price for exchanging Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold or Ethereum. All the prices displayed on the site are set independently by private sellers using the platform. Payment methods

Payments can be made either in fiat money or the supported cryptocurrencies. The platform only supports SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) bank transfer when making payments in fiat money, i.e. Euros. This method is supported in all European Union countries.

Cryptocurrency payments can also be done from other Bitcoin and Ether wallets to the online wallet. fees exchange does not charge any registration fees or account maintenance fees. In addition to these, the platform does not impose wallet fees for wallet holders.

The website charges a marketplace fee to its users payable for every successful trade carried out on the platform. The marketplace fee is 0.8% of the traded amount when using express trading and 1% when using SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) trading.

This fee is shared equally between the buyer and the seller hence ultimately each pays 0.4% when using express trading and 0.5% when using SEPA trading. When making payments, the buyer will send the agreed amount to the seller minus the marketplace fee while the platform will release the agreed number of Bitcoins from the seller to the buyer minus the marketplace fee.

The platform also charges a network fee for every payout or withdrawal carried out on the site. However, these fees are not retained at but rather are transferred to the network of the respective cryptocurrency, for example, the Bitcoin network.

Network fees fluctuate regularly as they are adjusted by the respective cryptocurrency network. These fluctuations are usually reflected on the users’ withdrawal fee on the platform. also allows users to set their preferred network fee. However, users ought to know that the lower the network fee set, the longer the processing time for the withdrawal transaction to be completed.

Fidor bank charges a 0.1% fee of the purchased amount as payment for the instant processing in express trading. The buyer and the seller each pay the 0.1% fee separately.

The table below summarizes fees charged for various operations and transactions on the platform.

Type of transaction Type of trading Fees charged Fees payable to
Buying or selling cryptocurrency SEPA trading 1.0% fee
Buying or selling cryptocurrency Express trading 0.8% fee
Withdrawal Either SEPA or Express trading To be specified by the respective cryptocurrency network Respective cryptocurrency network
Buying or selling cryptocurrency Express trading 0.1% fee (Only applicable to Fidor bank account holders) Fidor Bank

What are the verification requirements? has relatively many verification requirements which make it secure but not suited for traders seeking anonymity. The platform requires the user’s email, password, and username when registering an account on the platform. also requires the user’s personal information that is paramount before using the platform. This includes the user’s full names, citizenship, mobile number, street address, postal code, country of residence, date, month and year of birth, and finally the country of birth.

The platform verifies the mobile number provided by sending an activation code to the number which the user can then use to successfully create an account on the site. The user must also provide his/her bank account details which will be verified by the platform before creating an account for the user. Bank account details are checked against personal information during verification. also supports the two-factor authentication procedure to enhance security for its users. When using the 2-factor authentication, the user enters a one-time generated password (obtained by scanning a given QR code on Google Authenticator) to log in to his/her account.

What special features does have?

The platform provides a rating system that enables buyers and sellers to rate each other. A user’s trust level increases when the user has completed many successful trade deals and reduces when a user has many negative reviews on the site.

This rating feature helps enhance users’ confidence before engaging in a trade with another user. offers real-time trading to all users possessing a Fidor bank account.

Is safe?

  • What is the user community trust on has partnered with the Fidor bank in Germany which has years of operation in the financial industry in the country. This has greatly improved the credibility of the company as a trusted online cryptocurrency marketplace. The company has an excellent reputation with over 725,000 customers and 12,000 new customers recorded on a monthly basis. Users have praised the platform as an easy to use the platform. has also been criticized for easily providing users’ data to German police even when the police have no warrant. This makes unfit for users seeking anonymity. has not received any hacks since its inception to date.

  • What security protocols does employ? provides enhanced security features for storing users’ data and coins. 98% of customer coins and portfolios are stored offline in a cold wallet system for maximum security. The remaining 2% of the coins are owned by hence no customer coins are not securely stored. also has numerous customer data servers located in various data processing centers all over Germany. The platform also supports two-factor authentication which enhances the security of customer data by using one-time passwords that change every thirty seconds. retains customer funds in their bank accounts until Bitcoins are paid hence ensuring the funds are secure in the user’s deposit-insured bank account.

  • How is customer support?

Compared to other conventional exchange platforms, has excellent customer support that is very quick to reply. can be contacted by filling a request or complaint in a booking form provided on the site. The platform does not provide any email or telephone option.

  • What is Bitcoin de’s handling speed?

Express trading using takes place instantly. SEPA trading using takes between 5 to 60 minutes depending on the respective cryptocurrency network speed at the moment of trading. Transaction speeds can take longer for users who have set a low transaction fee than the standard fee. This is because all other transactions with higher fees have to be processed and completed first before their transactions are handled.

How to use supports two trading options, i.e. express trading or SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) trading. Buying and selling of all the four supported cryptocurrencies are similar. There are two instances possible when using, i.e. purchasing cryptocurrencies or selling cryptocurrencies.

Purchasing Cryptocurrencies on

  1. Register an account on Depending on the trading option preferred by the user, the user can link his/her SEPA bank account or Fidor bank account.
  2. Click on the “buy” option on the left column of the main page. Fill in the buying information that includes the preferred cryptocurrency you wish to buy, its amount and preferred purchase price.
  3. The platform automatically processes the provided information and displays all offers that meet the provided information. If there is no offer matching the user’s information, then the platform will prompt the user to create a new purchase order on the ‘sell’ column.
  4. To initiate a purchase, click on ‘buy now’ and send the agreed amount to the seller. After the payment is received, the bought coins will be delivered to the buyer.

Selling Cryptocurrencies on

  1. Create an account and then click on the sell option on the right column of the main page.
  2. The user can then fill in the preferred selling information including amount and payment method. Click on “sell now” to initiate the trade.
  3. The platform will then connect the seller with potential buyers. The platform will store the coins in an escrow service until payments from the buyer are received before disbursing the coins. Review Summary is the most efficient platform for investors looking for a secure and credible means to buy and sell Bitcoin or Ether in Europe. The platform has a user-friendly website that is easy to use for trading. It is suitable for use by both beginners and professionals in the cryptocurrency world especially those who prefer to trade cryptocurrencies directly from their bank accounts. The platform, however, supports very few cryptocurrencies with limited trading pairs hence unsuitable for use in certain trades.


  • Has a user-friendly website that is easy to use.
  • Is a credible and secure platform to trade in.
  • Supports deposits through bank transfers.


  • Supports only one fiat currency.
  • Has slow transaction processing speeds for non-express trading.
  • Has a complex verification process.

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