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Bitcoin Vouchers and Coupons 2018

Bitcoin Coupons – Complete Guide

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With the recent advancement in value experienced by Bitcoin, everyone wants to invest in the very innovative technology. However, most people are mostly armed with a low knowledge of the subject matter or they are generally just not that tech savvy or oriented to understand the concept of bitcoin.

The introduction of things like bitcoin coupon and vouchers has made it quite possible for almost everyone with interest in investing in bitcoin to partake in the spending and use of the digital currency. Bitcoin vouchers not only make investing in bitcoin accessible, it also makes it possible for people to invest a very little amount of money and give them the opportunity to scale up their investment as times goes one. In order to also encourage the use of bitcoin many stores now offer a coupon code to be redeemed for bitcoins upon fulling the terms and conditions set in place by the vendor.

This bitcoin coupons and bitcoin discount are mostly in fixed percentage or designated amounts of a particular service, which can be deposits, purchases, reduction in fees etc.

Since a lot of stores and merchant are now accepting bitcoin as a means of payments and we have many Fintech startups now into providing bitcoin vouchers. We are going to be discussing some of them in this article.

What are bitcoin vouchers and coupons?

Bitcoin voucher as the name suggests is a form of redeemable code that is bought or received as a gift. These vouchers are then used to receive actual bitcoins into wallet upon inserting the codes on the voucher in the required space on the service provider’s website. These vouchers usually have a fixed price ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $1000 etc.) and are sometimes capped per day for a single user. Bitcoin Coupons on the other hands are forms of BTC discount given upon the completion of a particular purchase offer. This coupon help to slash the cost of a bitcoin-related purchase or reduce the number of fees incurred upon the purchase of such an item.

Coupon is usually given as promotional materials for merchants that deal with Bitcoin while vouchers are usually issued by financial related companies that help to add Bitcoin to wallets upon activation of vouchers.

Best Bitcoin Discount Codes & Coupons 2018

CoinbaseCoinbase >> 10$

Coinbase is a Cryptocurrency exchange/wallet service that allows for the easy conversion of fiat currency into Cryptocurrency through the use of a credit/debit card or an attached bank account.

Coinbase was founded in the year 2011 and it has since then crossed the threshold of over 10 million users from 32 countries including the USA. Coinbase offers the exchange of EUR, USD, and GBP to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin cash.

Coinbase is also well regulated which might be an issue for some clients who are depending solely on the decentralized nature of the blockchain technology.

Coinbase now offers $10 worth of bitcoin to new users upon the buy or sale of $100 worth of Cryptocurrency on the platform. This bonus is aimed to encourage users to actually make use of the funds in their accounts. >> 10% off the fees

Gate is a Cryptocurrency exchange website that helps to make easy the conversion of one Cryptocurrency to another on its exchange. is owned and managed by Gates technology based in the United State. The currency exchange does not support the use of any form of FIAT currency which means no credit card or bank account is needed to purchase Cryptocurrency on this exchange. You can only fund your account with other Cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

The exchange lists about 50 Cryptocurrency and does not charge a deposit fee.

However, there is a fee charged on withdrawals and exchange of one Cryptocurrency to another one(0.2%).

In a bid to provide a much more superior service, offers an exclusive bitcoin exchange coupon of 10% off the fees charged to the reader of This discount is only for new users that register through our unique link. Check out our review and get your 10% off.

This is in accordance with our goal of providing our readers with all the information and tools needed to succeed at Cryptocurrency trading.

Genesis Cloud MiningGenesis mining >> 3%

Genesis Mining is a bitcoin cloud mining startup that belongs to Genesis mining based in Hong Kong.

The company helps to make easy the whole process of mining Bitcoin without having to own mining hardware. With Genesis, all you need do is to invest in hash power and this hash power is used to mine bitcoins that you can convert into cash. With Genesis mining, 3% discount on your Mining contracts can buy you more hashpower to gain more Bitcoin. This means paying for $100,000 worth of hashpower will grant you a discount of $3000. Mining is an investment so money spent on it is worth it.

HashFlareHashflare >> 3%

Hashflare offers cloud-based pool mining for Bitcoin with little investment to start. Hashflare belongs to HashFlare LP, a company located in Scotland.

With hashflare, you only need to make a one-time investment to start a one-year Mining contract that will enable you to earn Bitcoin in proportion to the amount of hashpower you bought.

Hashflare offers a 3% discount off every Mining contract made for those who make use of the special affiliate links and bitcoin exchange discount codes during registration. This is a perfect way to get more value for your money as an investor in Cryptocurrency.

BitfinexBitfinex >> 10%

Bitfinex is a digital currency exchange platform that was founded 6 years ago and is based in HongKong. Bitfinex allows the buying and selling of Cryptocurrency. Bitfinex also offers a peer to peer transaction for traders to borrow Bitcoin for long or short sales. Bitfinex now offers a 10% discount off trading fees for the first one month. This discount is eligible for those who make a buy or sell order with a newly registered account. This is to further save money spent on making transactions on the exchange.

Mbit CasinoBitcoin Casinos bonus >>

With the influx of Bitcoin casino bonus programs everywhere, the need to attract more customers to their platform has made bitcoin casinos start offering a huge amount of deposit related bonuses. This bonus is usually given to new users upon deposit a certain amount of Bitcoin and is only withdrawable upon fulfilling certain criteria set by the casino.

Examples of casinos offering huge deposit bonus includes;

  • mbit – (110% – 1st deposit bonus)
  • – (100%-1st deposit), (50%-2nd deposit), (25%-3rd deposit)
  • Cloud bet – ( 100% 1st deposit)
  • BetChain (110%- 1st deposit bonus)
  • FortuneJack ( 110% 1st deposit bonus)

WirexWirex >> 25% discount

Wirex is a Bitcoin wallet that is linked to a debit or credit card. Wirex was founded 3 years ago and it has its headquarters in London UK. It currently serves more than 900,000 users from more than 130 countries. Wirex makes it possible to access your Bitcoin on the go, making use of debit or credit card. Wirex is offering a 25% discount on new cards ordered by users. The discount will be taken off the cost of purchasing such card.

BitmexBitmex >> 10% discount

Bitmex is digital currency derivatives broker that offers leverage trading for Bitcoin. Bitmex does not offer it service to the citizen from the USA, so its 10% fees discount is only opened to the citizen of countries it serves. This discount is only available to new users for the first 6months of registering with the Bitmex. Bitmex offers both buy and sell order and has recently launched it options trading for Ups and Downs signals.

WhaleclubWhaleclub >> 20% discount

Whaleclub is a digital currency CFDs broker that allows a trader to trade Bitcoin for free with a 20% deposit bonus. The bonus is being given to new users who register through an affiliate link and make a deposit into their trading account. The bonus is usually released in bits of 5% based on a trader trading volume until the 20% cap is reached. Whaleclub also offers tutorials and free demo account for new traders and investors to learn about digital currency before putting in real cash.

Bitcoin >>

This is a retail store that accepts payment for items purchases using bitcoins. The store offers sales of bitcoin-related products such as clothing and hardware. The store generally offers a range of discount on its products. This discount is available for every purchase made and it can only be processed using a coupon code. The discount usually ranges from 15% – 25% depending on the coupon code given.

WageCanWageCan – 15% discount

Wagecan is a Taiwanese blockchain technology company that makes it easy for people to withdraw their Bitcoin through the use of a credit or debit card. With a Wagecan card, you can easily make a purchase online or offline without having to worry if the store accepts Bitcoin. The function has a Bitcoin wallet that can be accessed through the Card or the online platform at any point in time.

Wagecan now offers a 15% discount for new users who order for the Wagecan debit card. The discount will be deducted from the total cost of purchasing the new card. – 25% discount is a Bitcoin wallet and debit card provider that is based in the UK. Cryptopay helps to make the process of withdrawing digital currencies into hard currency easy using an ATM machine. With the debit card linked directly to your Cryptopay online wallet, you have access to your Bitcoins at any point in time. Cryptopay is offering a 25% discount off the cost of getting your debit card. This means if you register for a new Cryptopay wallet and your order for a debit card, you will be charged 25% less than the actual price of getting the card without a discount.

In a Nutshell

Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency has proven beyond doubt that blockchain technology is here to stay and with the recent rise in bitcoin prices, every opportunity to save BTC or get free Bitcoin must be explored. This is why it is very important for every Bitcoin investor to first make sure to seek out a cheaper alternative to paying for Bitcoin-related offers before they consider making use of their saved up tokens. This alone itself is a very wise way to save up money.

Thanks for reading through our website. We hope you have learned about different bitcoin bonuses available. If you think we have left any off this list, kindly make it known using the comment box. Feel free to go through similar contents on the website.

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