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BitCasino Review 2018

BitCasino Review – Full Guide

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  4. BitCasino Regulation
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  6. How to use BitCasino?
  7. Is BitCasino Safe?

The dictionary defines a casino as a facility that houses gambling activities. An online casino is a platform where you can find gambling activities on a website or mobile application. With mobile adoption having reached $2 billion in the last ten years, online casinos have increased tremendously.

However, some countries have also been swift to ensure that casinos do not serve their citizens. In countries like Korea, participating in gambling can land you in jail. This may soon end, however, as Bitcoin casinos become a growing phenomenon.

Yes, the popular cryptocurrency is now a widely accepted payment method by online casinos. In fact, the casino industry was among the very first industries to embrace cryptocurrencies. One of the most popular bitcoin casinos is Bitcasino. With more than 1300 games on its website and thousands of subscribed gamblers, you may come across the website.

While we do not recommend the casino or promote gambling in general, the following is a review of Bitcasino. Read to learn what it offers, how it works, its reputation and choose whether to get involved or not.

What is BitCasino?

BitCasino is an online gambling company centered on Bitcoin payments. It was launched in 2014 by mBet Solutions NV and was among the first bitcoin casinos. BitCasino is a registered company in Curacao and has a pack of games and casinos registered in the country.

The company accepts players from all parts of the world where online gambling is legal. However, some notable countries like the UK and the US are not supported by BitCasino due to their strict regulations in regards to online gambling. Surprisingly, South Korean gamblers are accepted despite the country’s tough stance on gambling. Canadian players are also accepted.

Apart from country-based restrictions, the only limitation for getting involved in the casino is age limitation. You must be of legal age, 18 years, to participate in any gambling activities on the website.

BitCasino proves to be a global company by offering multi-language support. Besides English, gamblers can use any of the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Thai

How BitCasino Works?

BitCasino is an attractive, lively website with lots of intuitive features. Their home page is decorated with their most popular games and like most casinos; their account creation process is quick and easy.

As one of the most established bitcoin casinos, the company uses the most advanced and rare to find gaming software. They have Betsoft, one of the most popular casino gaming software and Microgaming. Betsoft is famous for high-quality 3D graphics and helps casinos build games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and Keno. In total, developers can build up to 150 games with Betsoft.

Microgaming, one the other hand, is one of the most popular software programs for casinos. Lots of famous betting companies use the software program and some of the most popular games availed by casinos are designed using the program. Additionally, the gaming platform has lots of games developed by less popular manufacturers.

They also have live gaming, VIP gaming and a sportsbook where you can place bets about popular sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and baseball.

BitCasino Mobile/Tablet Support

The software programs used to develop games on the BitCasino are also compatible with mobile devices. If you use a popular browser like Chrome or Firefox, you will have a similar gaming experience as when using your personal computer.

However, it’s worth noting that Apple and Google Play stores do not allow casino apps in their stores. As such, the only way to access the website is through a browser on your tablet or mobile devices.

BitCasino Games

By using the most advanced gaming software programs, BitCasino is able to avail more games than any other bitcoin casino. The company lists more than 1300 games spread into thirteen different categories. Some of the categories, like Slots, have more than 50 unique games.

While BitCasino does not offer free trials, they equal your contribution for your very first deposit of up to 1000 mBit coins. There is no shortage of games to choose from as we have already mentioned. And because of the wide variety of games and game categories supported, you’d rather sample some of them and choose a favorite. Here is a list of the categories and the games you are likely to find:

  • Slots: PlayBoy, Fruit Zen, Easter Island, Adella, Monkey Madness, Diamond Strike.
  • Baccarat: Satoshi super squeeze, Mini-Baccarat, High Limit Baccarat.
  • Blackjack: Bitcoin Black Jack, Bitcoin Atlantic City, High Roller Black Jack, BitCasino Black Jack.
  • Roulette: Bitcoin Roulette, Satoshi Roulette, Salon Prive, French Roulette.
  • Table Games: Bitcoin Black Jack, Bitcoin Hold’em poker, Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

There are many more games on the casino, including live games. Most of them work efficiently both on mobile devices and on computers. But should you develop a technical issue while playing, the Casino has a supportive customer service team that helps out.

BitCasino Regulation

The casino is licensed under its parent company’s name, mBet Solutions NV in the Island of Curacao. A lot of casinos tend to get their licenses in the Caribbean, mostly because of tax regulations and low taxes.

Curacao charges new casinos significantly low application and maintenance fees, which is why many casinos choose the island over most other countries. But like most countries in the Caribbean, Curacao doesn’t intervene in case of disputes between the casino and its clients.

Several online casinos licensed in Curacao have gone rogue with gamblers’ funds and the government did nothing about it. As such, a license from Curacao doesn’t mean you should immediately trust the casino. However, that is not to say BitCasino is a rogue company.

Having launched in 2014, BitCasino has consistently assured gamblers of their legitimacy by being open about their dealings. The company’s customer services are efficient and their ratings are good.

BitCasino Deposits and Withdrawals

What Currencies does BitCasino accept?

BitCasino is built around bitcoin payments. They only accept bitcoins but you can make a deposit using any altcoin by paying using ShapeShift altcoin exchange. ShapeShift allows you to exchange up to 90 altcoins for bitcoins easily.

ShapeShift charges 0.5% per every transaction. BitCasino does not charge deposit fees. Note that when making a deposit, you buy mBTC (millibitcoin) with your bitcoins. 1 Bitcoin equals 1000 mBTC.

Deposit Methods

You can only make a deposit using bitcoins unless you first use an exchange like ShapeShift to convert your altcoins into bitcoins. It’s quick and easy to complete a payment on the site and you could start playing within 30 minutes.

Withdrawal Methods

Like deposits, you can only withdraw your winnings in bitcoins. The withdrawal process takes a few hours to complete, which is much faster than with credit cards or bank transfers. The Casino also has a great reputation when it comes to withdrawals. Most BitCasino reviews on forums praise the casino for their quick withdrawals.


The minimum deposit on the casino is 1MBTC which is equivalent to 0.001 bitcoins. The minimum withdrawal limit is 2MBTC or 0.002 bitcoins. There is no maximum deposit but there is a maximum withdrawal limit of 50,000 MBTC per day. The deposit and withdrawal terms apply to all gamblers on BitCasino.

However, your account is more secure when you get verified. Verification is done by providing your ID or driver’s license and proof of address. After you are verified, it’s easier to get your account back in case it’s hacked. You also have more privilege, including the ability to receive gifts and physical rewards from the company.

BitCasino Bonuses

The casino has a generous bonus program that starts with your first deposit up until your last game. The first BitCasino bonus is a 100% bonus on your first deposit of up to 1000Mbtc. For the second deposit, you get a 50% bonus and 25% for your third and consequent deposits.

For consequent deposits, the 25% bonus is issued to your first five deposits per day. Like most casinos, however, you cannot withdraw winnings from your bonus games immediately. Instead, you have to wager for at least 30 or more times to earn the right to withdraw. Here is the complete overview of how bonus games work.

  • Deposit bonuses of between 25% and 99%- wager at least 30 times
  • Deposit bonuses of between 100% and 149%- wager 35 times
  • Deposit bonuses of between 151% and 199%- wager 40 times
  • Bonuses of 200% or higher- wager 45 times

In simple terms, if you get a deposit bonus of 10MBTC for your first deposit of 10MBTC (100% bonus), you have to wager 35 times on the casino for your 10MBTC bonus to appear as part of your balances.

Not all games attract bonuses and you don’t have to follow the wager rules with some games. With live roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat games, bonuses are awarded immediately. Table games, video poker and most games on BitCasino are not guided by the wagering rules as well.

The wagering rules apply to slot games and free spins. Also note that 22 slot games and games provided by Evolution Gaming, BetGames and iSoftBet do not attract deposit bonuses of any kind. Although not all games attract cash deposits, most games tend to have free spins.

How to use BitCasino?

  • Open an Account

You can open an account on the casino as long as online gambling is allowed in your country. However, U.S. and UK citizens are not accepted.

The signup process on BitCasino is quick and easy. You are required to provide a name, a username and a password for your account. BitCasino requires a genuine email address because they have to send an activation email. Verification is optional but it’s important when you need to have technical issues resolved. For example, if your account gets hacked, BitCasino is more likely to resolve your issue if you have a verified account.

  • Deposit Funds

To deposit, click on your avatar at the far right. The deposit icon is the first in line, just above how to buy bitcoins and the withdrawal icon. When you click on ‘Deposit,’ you will find the company’s bitcoin address that you should copy and use to send $10 or more worth of bitcoins.

In case you don’t have bitcoins but instead, you have altcoins such as Ethereum, click ‘Deposit in altcoins’ and you will be directed on how to pay using ShapeShift. If you just stumbled upon the casino and you have no bitcoins, use our bitcoin buying guide.

  • Withdraw Funds

The withdraw icon is located just below the ‘Buy bitcoin’s icon. When you click it, you can view your balances which are set in MBTC. If you have won severally but your winnings do not appear in your balance account, check the terms of withdrawing winnings from bonuses.

You may be required to wager up to 45 times before you can withdraw bonuses. All the same, you withdraw using bitcoins. You have to enter a bitcoin address and the number of mBTC coins you want to withdraw. This amount must be a minimum of 2 mBTC.

The company also states that each withdrawal request must go through three stages of verification before you receive the bitcoins. You can check the status of your withdrawal directly at your account section.

Is BitCasino Safe?

Like all genuine and fair casinos, BitCasino is regulated and audited thoroughly. Auditors check all aspects of the casinos; its games, how winners are determined, their bank accounts and other factors that ensure casinos work fairly.

  • Community Trust

BitCasino has a solid fan base. On most BitCasino review forums, the casino averages at least 3.5 out of 5, indicating generally positive ratings. Users praise the casino’s numerous games, user-friendliness, and excellent customer services. The only issue users have about the casino is about fairness. Some gamblers claim it’s difficult to win on BitCasino. But other than that, there are not many complaints about them.

  • Security

BitCasino uses SSL (HTTPS) encryption to protect their website against hacking. So far, there have been no reports about the casino being hacked. One reason for this is that when you deposit funds on the exchange, the bitcoins go directly to hardware wallets.

  • Customer Support

BitCasino has fairly great customer services. They have many attendants, most of whom are professional, kind and helpful. There are a few BitCasino scam claims online because of poor services but they are in the minority.

  • Handling Speed

The casino has a great reputation when it comes to processing withdrawal requests. Deposits are also fast even though there may be delays when the bitcoin payment protocol is overloaded. You can withdraw as many times as possible but keep in mind that bitcoin charges tend to be high when you make small numerous payments.

BitCasino Review Summary

BitCasino is one of the most popular online casinos that accept payments in bitcoins or altcoins. The company is legitimate and licensed in the Caribbean island of Curacao. The casino has a great fan base, and the majority of them trust the casino’s services.

When it comes to game variety, there are few companies with as many games as BitCasino. The 1300+ games also come with lots of rewards and bonuses of up to 200%. You can find a BitCasino bonus code through their affiliate websites and get free spins with numerous games.

BitCasino offers great ease of use and accepts users from nearly all parts of the world. And since they work with bitcoins which can’t be traced to a name easily.

The casino’s customer services are fairly great, especially for non-technical issues. VIP players get personalized services and most technical issues are resolved instantly. So should you use the casino? If you want to try out gambling with bitcoins, BitCasino seems like a great casino.

Beginners and experts alike will love the casino’s user-friendliness. High rollers will also enjoy the casino’s personalized services. However, keep in mind that there are losses with every casino.


  • Easy to use.
  • Numerous games available.
  • Offers bonuses with almost every deposit made.
  • Professional and helpful customer support available.
  • Easy to get invited into VIP gaming.
  • Good reputation.


  • The casino is accused of not resolving technical issues.
  • Some users accuse the casino of not being fair.

Thank you for reading our BitCasino review above. If you love bitcoin casinos, visit our website for more reviews and guides.

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