BCSHOP.io Commerce

When we want to buy something whether that means going to a physical or online store, we want fast and quality service without any overly complicated processes. In the world of Blockchain where buying almost anything can be a very complicated procedure, BCShop comes to our rescue. This innovative platform offers a smart-contracted, Ethereum blockchain based service for selling digital products and services to vendors and clients making an online payment with crypto easy.

The ICO Team

Vladlen Manshin


Handles team management, project coordination, and marketing. Previously, was CEO of Altay Computer Service. Has eight years of experience in C/C++ programming, project and team management and complex systems formalization and algorithm development.

Oleg Konrakhanov


He handles backend development, smart contract development, and vendor integration. Previously, he was CTO of Altay Computer Service. 9 years of experience as a software developer, specializing in object-oriented programming languages.

Alexey Kuzmin

Lead Frontend Developer

He got Computer Science degree in 2008. After that, Alexey worked in several software development fields. He has solid experience in C++/C#, database programming and administering, and web development.

Business model

Capitalization Potential

Market Research

Token sale

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Coin Supply and Purpose

Potential and Use Cases

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations

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It aims at providing a solution to e-payment problems through a decentralized platform. What problem does it solve?

Makes it easy to handle multiple payment solutions using cryptocurrency technology. What is the capitalization potential?

This product has a very high potential of success; it could go on to solve so many real world payment challenges.