ArcBlock ico is a Blockchain platform that aims to achieve effective transactions and enable providers to pay their transaction fees using the ArcBlock token ABT, for easier accessibility of underlying Blockchain, hence enabling different applications to perform efficiently on various Blockchain platforms.

The ICO Team

Robert Mao

CEO/ Chief Architect

He is the founder of ArcBlock and the chief architect. Mao has a profound experience in Software engineering with several positions in various companies in the field of software. He is also the Co-founder and CEO of PixoMobile and Seattle Entrepreneurship Club

Flavien Charlon


Flavien is the co-founder and chief scientist at ArcBlock. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Coinprism. He has a master degree in Engineering from Ecole central de Lyon

Joe Wallin

Legal Advisor

Joe is a Seattle based corporate lawyer. He represents startups, investors and executives. He has partnered with many companies for legal advice

Market Research


Business Model

Potential/Use Cases




Coin Supply/Purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Trading Rumors


It is possible. ArcBlock platform enables developers to own custom token that can copy all our features of ArcBlock token ABT. As they develop, token generation will be possible, developers will be able to own token generation event on the ArcBlock platform token after building and deploying the applications with ArcBlock.

ArcBlock platform provides a user-friendly Blockchain ecosystem by providing an extensible, scalable and easy-to-use Blockchain related features and decentralized applications. In addition, ArcBlock encompasses elimination of hindrances that might cause slow adoption of the Blockchain technology in the general public.