Airbitz Wallet Review: Is It Safe?

/Airbitz Wallet Review: Is It Safe?

Private, decentralized, and secure... Is Airbitz really such? We have the answers for you.

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Airbitz Wallet Review: Is It Safe?

Airbitz review

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Airbitz wallet was founded in 2013 by Paul Puey, Scott Morgan, William Swanson, Damian Cutillo and Tim Horton in 2013 and the Airbitz Company has its headquarters in San Diego, CA. It is a privately held company like most cryptocurrency wallets. This cryptocurrency wallet is a software application that is capable of storing both private and public keys and interacting with the various block chains with the result that users can send and receive digital coins and monitor balances in their accounts. The cryptocurrency wallets are essential digital devices integral to the use of any one of the available cryptocurrencies.

However, unlike traditional wallets, the digital cryptocurrency wallets don’t store currency. For bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, the coins neither get stored in any particular location like ordinary currencies nor do they exist anywhere as physical objects. So, here comes the concerning matter, is Airbitz legit?

What is Airbitz?

Airbitz bitcoin wallet is a mobile based wallet (ONLY for bitcoin). The Airbitz Wallet provides a decentralized bitcoin wallet that enables the users to store bitcoins and conduct transactions using bitcoins. The Airbitz is credited with inventing the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to transact in bitcoins and the one-touch 2-factor authentication procedure. It is the first wallet to conduct a bitcoin transaction in Cuba.

Paul Puey, the CEO of Airbitz regularly speaks during events in the Bitcoin industry. For instance, he has given talks in Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles, Denver and San Francisco. The main theme he addresses is the advocating of a decentralized future of the cryptocurrencies especially the bitcoin.

The purpose of any Bitcoin Wallet is to improve the user experience when transacting with cryptocurrency. Air bitz is a hot wallet found online that offers storage purposes for bitcoin users and provides the codes required to access and receive Bitcoins. Airbitz can be downloaded to the mobile devices since it is compatible with the Apple and Android devices. In the currently developed software, it is not compatible with desktop.

Among the various types of cryptocurrency wallets, the Airbitz Wallet has special features as-

  • High strength security features.
  • Zero access to the user accounts, funds, and transaction by any third parties are details included in Airbitz.
  • The wallet allows for a one-touch 2-factor
  • Fast touch ID logins are available on mobile devices.
  • It has a built-in calculator for easier conversions.
  • A peculiar Bitcoin storage platform
  • Sleek user-interface that offers a convenient and trustable portable money storage platform for bitcoin users.
  • The Airbitz wallet is an automatically encrypted wallet, backed up to the peer-to-peer cloud servers.
  • The Airbitz Digital Wallet supports only Bitcoins in addition to the over 140 fiat currency exchange rates.
  • There are no costs for downloading, the fees for transacting in Bitcoins using this technology depend in the Bitcoin network and are subject to the influence of factors such as a magnitude of the transaction in terms of data bytes and congestion of data from time to time.

Where can Airbitz be obtained from?

  • The application can be downloaded from google play store for Android mobile users or directly from the Airbitz
  • For iPhone users, the app is downloadable from the iTunes Store.
  • These two sources avail the latest versions of the Airbitz Digital Wallet to users.
  • I believe a credible source goes a long way in answering the “can I trust Airbitz” question

Is Airbitz Safe?

  • Airbitz provides users with high-level security, reasonable privacy, and decentralization characteristics. The combination of these three features makes Airbitz one of the most secure hot storage platforms in today’s cryptocurrency world.
  • The wallet on its own has automatic encryption and back up which ensure the perpetual proper functioning when the servers’ performance is compromised.
  • The wallet is a favorite among many for most cryptocurrency transactions since it is easy to use and offers unique features that make it an outstanding technology.
  • For security purposes, the app should be given a test run before being used in transacting. This is reasonable being a freely provided app that only requires downloading from iTunes or google play store.
  • The above features help aid in arriving at the conclusion of if Airbitz is secure for use by cryptocurrency users.

How do you use Airbitz?

There are two options for funding the Airbitz account balance;

  • The first option is through making a purchase of the coins via the “buy” option made possible through Glidera, a vendor whereby bank transfers are an accepted method of purchase.
  • The second option is to acquire the bitcoins through any other method of exchange that is not directly in connection with Airbitz, be it Coinbase, localBitcoins or BitPanda.


Under this section, the procedure of setting up the Airbitz wallet easily is discussed;

  1. The first step is to download the application from google play store/iTunes
  2. After installation, click the “sign up” button in the middle of the phone page and set up username for account
  3. Create and feed a customized password and pin and store for future reference and use.
  4. Get the Bitcoin address which is requested every time a transaction is made as a safety measure.
  5. Register the Airbitz account on the exchange platforms.
  6. Make transactions and obtain bitcoins directly from your wallet.

Airbitz Review Summary

The development of Bitcoin stashing and storage services to the market are necessitated by the growth of the Bitcoin network and many traders joining the market. The online wallets are developed with the aim of suiting the needs of users in terms of security and flexibility in the rapidly revolutionizing Bitcoin industry. Airbitz has been described as the most effective and easy to use Bitcoin wallet with distinct features. The characteristics tied to this digital wallet are explained above and the following pros and cons aid in understanding the nature of the Airbitz Wallet.


  • Beginner friendly.
  • Open source.
  • Has strong security features.
  • Decentralized servers.
  • Access to an on-the-go bitcoin directory.


  • Lacks a desktop interface.
  • Not safe as cold storage options.
  • It has not created a niche in the market as a brand.

Due to the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency environment, we keep updating information covering the latest trends. In order to keep gaining even while the market is surging, it is good practice that you keep updated with the latest information. We welcome you to keep in touch for much more.

Don’t miss out on the latest updates on the Airbitz Digital Wallet among many other cryptocurrency wallets.

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