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AdSigma ICO Review

AdSigma ICO

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What is AdSigma?

AdSigma is a platform for digital advertisement which is totally decentralized and seems like it has been brought to us from the far future. This platform aims to set a revolution in the world of digital marketing. The prime objective of this platform is to benefit both the advertisers and the publishers by increasing transparency. On this platform, the AdSigma token also known as the ADSi, are used for on-platform transactions such as buying various advertising properties. Moreover, since it allows the monetization of the content, the publishers get paid in the form of ADSi. Since AdSigma has been developed with respect to smart contracts, the transactions are totally secure and work on terms that are set by the publishers and advertisers themselves. Envisioning to bring revolution, this platform currently aims to solve various issues in the digital display advertisement which include uncompetitive commission rates, irrelevant advertising, lack of creativity, and a lack of free will.

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AdSigma main features

  • Highly trustworthy: The development of the Adsigma platform is primarily based upon the popular Ethereum’s smart-contracts. This ensures that the transactions carry a high level of security. Moreover, the team behind its development is full of experts and technicians having an experience worth many years.
  • High level of transparency: Apart from great trustworthiness, this platform also has a high level of transparency. This means that the publishers and the advertisers working on this platform have a public history which is fully transparent.
  • Full decentralization: AdSigma is one of the few block-chain based platforms that are fully decentralized. The high level of decentralization that it carries simply removes all possibilities of corruption or manipulation of the data.
  • Equal for all: Since the whole blockchain network remains maintained by participants, no advertiser or a publisher would have extra privilege over another. This helps in forming equal for all environment.

AdSigma ICO Token sale:

The maximum supply of the ADSi token is set at 60,000,000 ADSi. With a soft cap of 2850 Ethereum and a hard cap of 19000 Ethereum, the price of one token is currently set at 0.0003 Ethereum which is pretty affordable.

The pre-sale of ADSi token will be on 5th April 2018, at 10:00 UTC whereas the official crowdsale/ICO would start on 20th April 2018, at 10:00 UTC.

  • Fundraising goal (hard cap): 19,000 ETH = 60 million ADSi
  • Soft cap: 2,850 ETH.
  • 1 ETH = 3,000 ADSi
  • Start date of the ICO: Friday, April 20, 2018, 12:00:00 UTC
  • Pre-sale cap: 15 million ADSi = 4,000 ETH
  • End date of the ICO: Sunday, May 20, 2018, 12:00:00 UTC

AdSigma ICO Team

Suumit Shah (co-founder): Suumit Shah is one of the four co-founders of this project. Suumit currently owns three technology companies that are highly successful. He is an entrepreneur with great experience and the skills required to run a decentralized digital advertisement platform.

Kapil Bhosale (co-founder): Kapil is an experienced software developer who has worked on various web applications with Ruby on Rails. Apart from that, he has also remained a technology consultant for a range of tech startups.

Akshay Mohite (co-founder): Being a Rails enthusiast, Akshay carries the significant experience in developing mobile and web products. He has been a part of successful companies such as Big Binary and

Ravi Tamada (co-founder): Ravi who is yet another co-founder of Adsigma, is a lead developer who has years of experience in mobile development, SEO, social media marketing, and computing.

ICO Scam check

In order to check for any potential signs of a scam, we traced down the social media pages and went through the website of this ICO thoroughly. From the way everything is presented and is organized so professionally, there is no way that this ICO could be a scam. Hence, investors can certainly consider it if they have some funds to invest.

Moreover, the team members that are listed on the website seem to have legitimate LinkedIn and personal social media profiles. As far as the whitepaper goes, it is designed in a very realistic manner with a roadmap which isn’t gold-plated with fake promises so as to attract more investors.

ICO Business model:

According to the latest AdSigma news, their business model seems quite simple and straightforward. Perhaps this is also one of the biggest reason why it is totally practical and seems to be capable of achieving a lot of success.

Their business model as a whole is driven by targeting the advertisers and publishers all over the globe. Introducing the block-chain technology to the advertisers/publishers and making the concept of decentralized advertisement prevalent among the advertising industry is yet another aim of this platform. All in all, it seems to be doing a pretty good job as of yet. More about the company and its future plans for their business venture will surely be speculated after the ICO sale ends on Sunday, May 20, 2018, 12:00:00 UTC.


The minimum viable product is a protocol, designed for relayers so as to develop a real-time bidding exchange. This MVP (minimum viable product) is expected to be released in the 3rd Quarter of 2018.

Capitalization Potential

The AdSigma ICO does have a total supply of 60,000,000 ADSi token. Apart from that, it has a hard cap of 19,000 ETH and a soft cap of 2,850 ETH.

Considering the fact that despite being a totally unique idea which could be worth millions, the ICO price is set at 1 ADSi = 0.0003 ETH which is quite reasonably affordable especially for the beginner investors out there. Moreover, since the ICO will also offer bonuses on purchases, the popularity of this ICO seems to be huge.

Considering all the factors mentioned above, it does look like AdSigma ICO carries a huge capitalization potential.

Comparing the AdSigma coin with the BAT (Basic Attention Token), which is yet another decentralized advertisement platform, the BAT ICO reportedly raised $35 million within 30 seconds.

While AdSigma’s capitalization potential also looks quite huge, one cannot really determine what the end result would be before the actual date of the ICO arrives.

Market Research

The demand for decentralized advertisement platforms is indeed quite high in the world of blockchain technology. This is because there are not many platforms currently operating, that can provide such services to advertisers and publishers.

This simply suggests that the market for decentralized advertisement is not saturated at all, as compared to other markets such as crypto prediction platforms. Hence, for unique and highly organized start-ups like AdSigma, there are quite a lot of opportunities present, with a clear staircase towards success.

Moreover, the idea of decentralized advertisement has just taken the world of advertisement by storm. Hence, investors, advertisers, and publishers are currently looking forward to such platforms. This is certainly the perfect time for AdSigma to make a spot in the advertisement market.

Potential/Use Cases

A lot of people have recently been wondering whether they should buy AdSigma token or not. Well, the potential of the AdSigma ICO does certainly seem to be huge! Hence, investing in it could be profitable even in the near future. As far as the use cases go, this platform can be used for all kinds of digital display advertising solutions. However, since it is decentralized, it is going to have a completely different nature.

It would allow advertisers to form advertisement campaigns, while the publishers will show those relevant advertisements to the users and get paid for it. It could be used for a range of different advertisements such as automobiles, food, clothing, and just about anything in dire need of marketing.

AdSigma Coin supply and purpose

ADSI is an ERC20 token. AdSigma has a total coin supply of 6000000 ADSi tokens. As far as the purpose of this coin supply goes, 60% of the overall token supply is set to be sold, while 10% of it is fixed for the founders of AdSigma. Apart from that, the legal compliance has a requirement of 1% of all tokens set. Moreover, 3% of it is set for community grants/bounties, 4% is set for the board of advisors, and the remaining 22% is set for the development of the network.

By using this token, advertisers and publishers can buy properties on the platform and can receive/send payment within the AdSigma platform for the services offered.

The token sale has a total hard cap of 19,000 Ethereum coins and a soft cap of 2850 Ethereum coins.

Their model of raising the capital money apparently revolves around opening up a short pre-sale period on the 5th of April 2018, before the actual ICO/Crowdsale period on the 20th of April 2018. This is quite a popular strategy, and many companies have previously used it with great success.

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

As of yet, the exchanges on which the ADSi token will be available for exchange are not specified. However, this token is compatible with all Ethereum based wallets. This is apparently because the token itself is based on Ethereum. Therefore, wallets such as MyEtherWallet or a hardware wallet such a Ledger Nano S will be a good option to land.

Trading Rumors

Since it is quite a well-managed ICO with all its information arranged very professional on the website along with a legitimate roadmap, there seems to be no fraudulent activity involved.

Perhaps some whispers might get heard after the actual ICO sale begins on the 20th April 2018. Until then, it hardly looks like there’d be any rumors circulating around.

Thank you for reading our AdSigma review. Please check our site for more great content!

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    Hello April 5, 2018 at 9:28 am

    Take this thought into consideration – I’ve gotten an email from them today (never heard about AdSigma before), to check them out and such. It would not be anything unusual, BUT the only time I had invested in an ICO was with Chrysos Coin (which was an obvious scam…), and I NEVER register on any crypto related sites. So it is highly unlikely, that they have gotten my email from any other source than Chrysos Coin. I don’t know, but something tells me it might be a scam. Just my 5 cents.

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      Mark Schwarz April 8, 2018 at 12:25 pm

      Interesting, thanks for sharing.