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1xBitCasino Review 2018

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What is 1xBit?

1xBit is a sports’ betting website, an online casino and a financial markets’ prediction platform since 2007. Sports betting is the main service on the platform as betting services are available for nearly all major leagues and sports.

From football to tennis, soccer to basketball, bettors can stake on any professional game played in major leagues around the world. 1Xbit became a Bitcoin website in 2015 and since then only accepts cryptocurrency payments.

There are suspicions that 1xbit is owned by the founders of a similarly designed and operated sports betting/casino website suspected of being a scam, 1xbet.com, but the company has often refuted the claim. In spite of that, 1xbit offers no information about its owners, any registration or licensing details.

The fact that the company has been around since 2007 can be attributed to the fact that most gamblers don’t pay much attention to the licensing information about casinos. On the bright side, 1xbit.com offers nearly everything players look for.

Apart from sports’ betting, there more than 500 games to choose from. Some of the games are freely available, but most of the games require minimal deposits. If you enjoy adult games, 1xbit provides nearly a dozen such games. Financial market investors, on the other hand, can predict price movements of different currencies within short times spans such as 30 minutes or an hour and stand to double their winnings.

Apart from the wide variety of games and betting opportunities, 1xbit accepts members from every country around the world and offers multi-language support for more than 20 countries.

How 1xbit Works?

On the 1xbit casino, you have the option to play a limited number of games free of charge and with no registration required. However, you can’t withdraw any winnings from the games. The second option is to create an account, deposit some Bitcoin and access the casino’s more than 500 games.

1xbit looks like a better version of the 1xbet website. Its graphics are impressive, and you can play any of the freely available games seamlessly and with no lagging whatsoever. If you choose to bet on sports games, you make the exact predictions you want and only create an account afterward to complete the betting process.

1xBit Games

1xbit gets their games from 24 different developers who provide more games than anyone could play in a year. In total, there are 3590 casino games on the website, and sports lover can bet on every major game. The casino’s variety is one of the widest for a Bitcoin casino. As a result, 1xbit is also one of the most popular online casinos.

Like many online casinos, Netent, BetSoft, and microGaming are major game providers on the casino. Each game on the casino is listed alongside the provider, including 1xbit’s in-house games. Poker games are also available, but they are few and are mostly available as multiplayer games.

As earlier mentioned, 1xbit also offers adult games and financial markets’ prediction opportunities. All of the games are provably fair, and there are few complaints about game fairness on 1xbit casino review forums.

Because of the lack of technical support, many 1xbit players tend to play the popular games from renowned providers. Alternatively, you can play the free games and only play their paid versions after you ascertain they are safe.

1xBit Regulation

One of the biggest complaints about 1xbit is the lack of registration or any proof of its legitimacy. A lot of scam casinos that have fled with users’ money in the last five years were all unregistered. 1xbit has been around for eleven years, but the lack of proof of registration is a worrying sign.

With no registration details and no information about its owners, players have no way of suing the casino when they feel defrauded. And as it stands, there are a lot of 1xbit scam accusations from players who have no idea how they can get money lost on the casino.

1Xbit reviewers who’ve previously contacted the website to ask for registration details got no feedback. The company’s customer support often direct inquiries about registration to 1xbit terms of services but there is no information about licensing in there.

1xBit Deposits and Withdrawals

  • What Currencies does 1xBit accept?

1xBit is a strictly Bitcoin and altcoins casino. If you want to fund your account, you must possess Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, DogeCoin, Litecoin, Bytecoin, GameCredits or any of the other altcoins accepted. In total, the 1xBit casino accepts 18 cryptocurrencies.

Players who dislike the high fees associated with Bitcoin have the option to deposit with altcoins that charge nearly zero as miners’ fees. GameCredits, for example, an altcoin accepted as a payment currency on 1xbit, charges extremely low fees.

If you prefer to pay using fiat currencies, you can only play the free games on 1xBit or look for another casino. 1xbet, the poorly rated casino that looks similar to 1bit in almost every way, accepts fiat payments. However, it has been labeled a scam severally, and you should probably avoid it.

  • Deposit Payment Methods

Each of the accepted cryptocurrencies has a payment protocol under the same name. If you want to use the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, you don’t need a bank to help you complete the payment. Bitcoin payments are completely directed from Bitcoin wallets.

  • Withdrawal Methods

Like deposits, the only way to withdraw your funds is by use of cryptocurrencies. The casino is flexible though, and you can withdraw funds using a different cryptocurrency than the one you used to make a deposit.

There is no schedule as to when you can withdraw. If you have money you wish to withdraw, hit “Withdraw” at any time, and 1xbit will process your payments.

  • Limitations

Although the casino has limited information about betting and withdrawal limits, they seem to be flexible. You can deposit any minimum amount and add as much as you want. You can also withdrawal all your funds with no limitations except for amounts higher than 10 Bitcoin.

While there are few limits, game providers tend to limit the maximum you can bet on each game. You can increase your limit by joining the VIP club or contact the casino’s staff for consideration.

1xBit Bonuses and Promotions

Many Bitcoin casinos promote their games with lots of bonuses aggressively. 1xBit is a little bit conservative about bonuses and promotions. While they have a page dedicated to promotions, it has few promotions and bonuses.

1Xbit bonuses are limited to specific games, and you must have funds to claim them. In fact, you buy points to access games that provide bonuses and gifts when you play them. 1Xbit bonus codes are purchased by placing bets or participating in bonus games.

For every bet or game you wager, you get points that you can exchange for bonus codes. If you lose, 1xBit enters you into a loyalty program where you earn cash backs for all the bets you lost. The cash backs increase as your loyalty to the website increases. The cash backs vary between 5% and 11% and are calculated based on the total amounts of bets lost.

If you don’t want to spend money to play o 1xbit, search the site for free games. There are lots of 1xbet no deposit games, but you can’t withdraw any winnings when you play the games.

How to use 1xBit?

1xBit only has one account type; a personal account. You can’t own more than one account, and if you do, the casino will terminate all your accounts and withhold your winnings. Fortunately, you can achieve all of 1xbit’s services with a single account.

Follow this guide to access all the services offered at 1xbit.com.

  • Step 1: Create an account

Visit 1xbit.com and click “Join now” to create an account. The casino will create an account automatically using alphanumerical characters. You don’t need to provide an email address or create a password. 1xBit does everything for you. The only thing you may want to do is to save your account login details or send them to your email address.

After you save your log in details, 1xbit will log you automatically.

  • Step 2: Deposit Funds

Access the “Deposit” icon on the website’s menu and select your cryptocurrency of choice. Copy the address provided and visit your Bitcoin wallet to complete the payment. Keep note you can only copy the address manually. Be keen and use the address for the right cryptocurrency.

After your funds reflect in your account, select a game and bet. There are more than 3500 games to choose from, take your time and test a variety of them. Almost all games have a demo version as well. Utilize the demos before wagering with your funds.

  • Step 3: Withdraw

The casino’s withdraw feature is located under “My Account” icon. From the icon, you can view your bet history, transactions you’ve made, bonuses and the “Withdraw Funds” service. There are seventeen cryptocurrencies you can withdraw your winnings into. Select one of the coins, and follow the procedure.

Your withdrawal request is added to a queue and processed within 24 hours. Sometimes it takes longer, but you can access your account section to view the status of your withdrawal request.

Is 1XBit safe?

Now onto the most controversial aspects of 1xBit—is the casino really safe and legit? Some of the crucial pointer’s to 1xBit safety include:

  • Community Trust

While 1xBit has been around for long, their reputation has often been marred by wide scam accusations and negative reviews. There is a notable amount of players who’ve used the casino successfully, but the number of disgruntled customers is a lot more.

Of course, most of the reviews posted on online forums come from disgruntled users, but the number of complaints about 1xbit warrants a red alarm. To show how large the number of unhappy customers is; there is a website that brings together alleged 1xbit casino victims to offer support and encourage them to sue the company.

Most users believe 1xbit and 1xbet are one and the same company. And true, they both offer similar features. They both claim to have launched in 2007 and have the same number and types of games. The only difference between the two poorly reviewed casinos is that 1xbet accepts fiat payments and 1xbit does not. Overly, 1xbit’s community trust is low.

  • Security

1xbit doesn’t say anything about how they secure users’ funds. However, their website is SSL encrypted. They also create accounts with seemingly hard to hack passwords and number-based log in details. The casino claims they exercise KYC rules but many users have created accounts and used the casino with no verification asked.

What happens if a game freezes? While there are few complaints about the fairness of the casino’s games, there are lots of complaints about losses incurred when games freeze. 1XBit does not state anything related to the actions they take when technical issues arise. They also don’t seem to refund players when games freeze, something that angers almost every player on their platform.

Although the site enables security measures, there is a significant number of users that claim to have lost their funds on the casino after a game froze while they played or funds mysteriously disappeared from the casino.

  • Customer Support

Many poorly rated websites have poor customer support. 1xbit Bitcoin casino has an existing and active support team, but they do little than offer vague replies. When asked to prove that the casino is registered, the support team claims the details are confidential.

When asked to resolve issues regarding lost funds, the 1xbit support staff asks players to provide a load of information probably with the aim of frustrating them. In general, users claim the casino’s support is poor especially if you have a complaint about the website.

  • Handling Speed

Successful withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. Bitcoin casinos tend to store cryptocurrencies offline and have to process every request manually. As such, the 24-hour withdrawal speed is standard in the industry. With 1xbit’s scam accusations, some withdrawals are never processed.

1xBit Review Summary

1xBit is a Bitcoin and altcoins casino, a sports’ betting website and a financial market’s prediction platform. With more than 3500 casino games, betting services for all major leagues and sports and almost no restrictions, 1xbit is often viewed as the ideal Bitcoin casino.

The website creates an account for you upon request, and while they claim to enforce KYC, you can play lots of games without any kind of verification. On the downside, 1xbit is full of negative reviews online. The biggest complaint about 1xbit is that it does not credit users’ accounts after they pay. The complaints are a lot—to the point of raising alarms.

Who is 1xbit best suited for? Considering the negative reviews about 1xbit of which many are backed with evidence in the form of screenshots, it’s best to avoid depositing funds into the website. However, they have a lot of free games you can play for fun even without creating an account.


  • A wide variety of games.
  • Attractive and easy to use platform.
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies available.
  • Offers both sports betting and casino services.


  • Lots of scam accusations.

Thank you for reading our 1xbit review. Feel welcome to frequently visit our website for more casino reviews, cryptocurrency guides and investment tips on a wide range of topics.

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