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Read These 12 Articles and You’ll Become a Mini – Cryptocurrency Expert:

Cryptocurrency for Beginners – Getting Started

Although aBitGreedy covers all the different aspects of cryptocurrency in several different guides, the recent spike in cryptocurrency interest has prompted us to develop a comprehensive tutorial aimed solely at getting cryptocurrency beginners started with establishing and managing their investments. While we recommend enthusiasts to read all of our guides to gain a greater understanding of cryptocurrencies in general, this is an excellent, free focus-guide for those seeking to quickly learn more about cryptocurrency.

The most fundamental rule to cryptocurrency investing is that you have to somehow acquire cryptocurrencies to be able to profit from the holding, whether that is through mining or purchasing them. While this information is available in some other guides, ours is a free cryptocurrency guide focusing on how to obtain them.

aBitGreedy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in how beginners should go about starting to build their investment collection of cryptocurrencies and combines all the fundamental elements needed to procure cryptocurrencies, in one easy-to-understand guide.

Understanding something as seemingly simple as how cryptocurrency works and how to use them is no easy feat. aBitGreedy allows cryptocurrency novices and experienced investors alike to read well-researched guides explaining exactly how cryptocurrencies function, the nature of the blockchain, and what other uses there are for Bitcoin besides merely trading them. This cryptocurrency guide is free, as all guides from aBitGreedy are.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency Guide

While Bitcoin is the most prominent cryptocurrency, there is a veritable plethora of different decentralized, virtual currencies built off the same – or similar – ”blockchain” technology available. aBitGreedy provides a free, capable guide to purchasing cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin – such as Litecoin, Ripple or Ethereum, to name a few. Our exemplary crypto guides are meant to assist readers in sifting out which cryptocurrencies hold promise and which do not. aBitGreedy has a highly skilled team devoted to researching every cryptocurrency to allow you to understand which one is the perfect currency for you. To keep you updated the team maintains credible links with sources on all the latest developments in the crypto world.

How to Buy Bitcoin Guide >>

The decentralized, virtual currency ”Bitcoin” has generated an increasing amount of attention. The reason is that the price of Bitcoin has increased massively during the past year, soaring to nearly 1000% above its price only a year ago. To obtain it, a user has to either purchase or ”mine” it. aBitGreedy provides you with a competent, easy-to-understand free Bitcoin guides researched and compiled by an experienced team of experts. aBitGreedy’s thorough Bitcoin guides are designed to help you make informed decisions and choices about investing in Bitcoin.

How to Buy Ethereum Guide >>

Even though Bitcoin usually captures most of the spotlight aimed at the crypto sphere, there is another prominent currency – Ethereum. Ethereum is special in the way that its ”Ether” tokens are constructed on the ”ERC-20” standard, an open source which has made Ethereum-based currencies the most popular in the crypto world. aBitGreedy provides a free, intuitive guide for beginners looking to purchase Ethereum, or experienced investors looking to freshen up their knowledge.

How to Find the Best Exchange Guide

Simply purchasing the cryptocurrency you want might seem like the easiest step of crypto investing, but it is not. Identifying which is the best exchange for you could not only save you time but also ultimately save you money. Our investment team will walk you through steps to finding sites with low exchange and trade fees.

We also compare different exchanges to find the one that fits you best; all backed up with easy-to-follow tips. aBitGreedy’s cryptocurrency exchange guides give you tips from experienced investors, enhancing your chances of success in your investment.

How to Find the Best Wallet Guide

Having a good, reliable cryptocurrency wallet is one of the essential aspects of cryptocurrency investment. aBitGreedy provides users with a free cryptocurrency guide to establishing a reliable ”wallet” storage solution. With us, you will have access to unrivaled information on the latest in storage innovations. Our experts comb the market to bring you the best in terms of security, reputation, and price. Whether its hardware wallets, mobile wallets or desktop wallets, our comprehensive teams have covered.

While simply finding a trustworthy wallet service may give an investor peace of mind, there are more precautions that should be taken to ensure that one’s coins are always safe. aBitGreedy has compiled some of the essential security tips and tricks within the crypto community, to create a super cryptocurrency security tutorial. The information we have is from industry experts whose top insights will help you secure your precious coins.

ICO Guide: Reviews and More…

An ICO is an abbreviation that stands for an Initial Coin Offering. It is also referred to as the gold rushing tool for the emerging cryptocurrencies. While exploring the trends in the cryptocurrency market today, a glance at the ICO could give you a decent idea of how promising a particular currency could be.

ICOs have been used to raise funds for the development of emerging cryptocurrencies since 2013, and it has been proven as a great tool for a head start in the market. In ICOs, the company behind an emerging cryptocurrency offers investors fixed units of the new currency in exchange for the established ones such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

At “a Bit Greedy”, you can discover all the emerging trends and hottest news regarding ICOs under a single roof. On top of that, our ICO guide will allow you to invest wisely and with great confidence. Certainly, investing was never this simple before!

Mining Guide – Is it worth it in 2018?

While most assume that cryptocurrencies are necessarily purchased from other holders, this is not the only way to acquire them. Cryptocurrencies are mined by executing complex blockchain tasks – essentially a digital counterpart to the age-old practice of mining precious metals from the ground. aBitGreedy has produced an extensive, well-researched crypto guide to those looking to try their hand at cryptocurrency mining – a potentially very lucrative endeavor.

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